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A place for Ideas to Grow

What do 3 developers, a graphic designer and a marketer have in common?


They may all be different, they may even conflict, but the fact is all of them have ideas… enter Thinkers Garden.

Under the extreme intensity of Start-up Camp Sydney 3 it was not long before the team at Thinkers Garden realised that Ideas breed more Ideas, and what was once a simple thought can grow and take on a life of its own, though social interactions this idea can turn into something that exceeds all expectations.

The reason for this idea growth is scientifically linked to social interaction, this is because when the brain puts an idea on the 'back burner' it stores it in the same area that controls social decision making. (Dr Robert Fox, Director of the Research Imaging Institute at the University of Texas)

The 2 key elements of this finding are in realising that idea generation is facilitated by social interaction and that ideas that are shared are able to grow far beyond their original potential.

The Thinkers Garden is a place of Idea sharing, Idea collaboration, and an avenue to have those ideas implemented by others to solve real life problems, providing great community service.

You can also be guaranteed the ideas will include the weird and wonderful, and so always will be an entertaining read.

Thinkers Garden is social networking at the very heart of innovation and creativity.

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