StartupCamp Australia 5-7 Sept 2008

What is StartupCamp?

It's a get together of people from different disciplines that have an interest in startups and do a complete startup in one weekend. From coming up with the idea and making a business plan to pitching, design and development and marketing. The main goal is to learn from each others experience and to get a chance to work with a new group of people and of course to have a lot of fun.

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Technology: PHP

Ian Naylor Geekdom
Lee Goodman
Ozan Onay moc.liamg|yano.nazo#moc.liamg|yano.nazo
David Soul davidsoul+moc.liamg|maps#moc.liamg|maps Sales, marketing, business development
Linda Gehard lindagehard [at] gmail [dot] com User Interface Designer
Richard Hayes Carbon Free Solutions

uTag - Monetizing Microblogging

Technology: ASP (.NET)

Kim Heras TechNation Australia
David Vandenberg Massive Interactive / The Lab david [at] Concept development / strategy / ASP / .NET / SQL / frontend (if forced)
Matt Fisher mrpfisher [at] gmail [dot] com Software design, coding, whatever
Nick Holmes a Court moc.truocasemloh|kcin#moc.truocasemloh|kcin Startup Positioning Strategy, Asp/.Net/SQL Database, Online PR/Marketing/Sales, SEO/Copywriting
Hugo Sharp mrhsharp [at] - Personalized live traffic updates

Technology: Ruby on Rails
Startup: : Sydney Traffic Conditions Mapped

Something mashup with traffic and google maps or something

Kim Chen moc.soojt|nehc.mik#moc.soojt|nehc.mik
Brian Menzies NetStormer, FactorR moc.liamg|seiznemb#moc.liamg|seiznemb Business Model, Strategy, Sales, Financial Modeling
Geoff Evason MomentVille Wedding Websites geoff [a] momentville com Coding (Rails), Design (CSS), SEO
Geoff McQueen Hiive Systems moc.smetsyseviih|neeuqcm.ffoeg#moc.smetsyseviih|neeuqcm.ffoeg Web Dev (perl), Apache, Biz Dev & Marketing
Marcus Schappi Little Bird Electronics, Key Options, Little Bird IT marcus [at] little bird electronics dot com Project Management, UI/Design, Code (PHP, CSS, SQL, Arduino), iPhone


Name Providing Office Space + Wireless/Network + Food and drinks
Carbon Free Solutions Hosting and drinks


The Geekdom boardroom
Level 8
155 George Street
The Rocks, Sydney 2000


Friday 5th Sept 7:00PM until Sunday 7:00PM


Contact Bart at moc.soojt|amellej.trab#moc.soojt|amellej.trab or 0401984056

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