Following the success of (Student) Startup Camp 2009, Student Entrepreneurs | Agents of Change is running it again this year, with 30 students from the University of Melbourne, RMIT and Monash University to get together and create 6 web-based businesses over the weekend of 9 - 11 April.


BloodThank -

Every week in Australia, there needs to be over 26,000 blood donations to cope with the demand in the medical system. To increase this number, our team has come up with the idea of connecting these generous donors to the lucky recipients through our website. Blood Thank enables recipients to send messages to their donors, thanking them for their life-saving donations. Additionally, there are anonymous testimonials that can be read by the public and information on how to donate blood yourself. The founding partners of Blood Bank are Chris Barnett, Adrian Chong, Katie Foster Chloe Li and Matthew White.

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Think you’re funny? Think you’re creative? But too scared to stand-up? Click here to show the world your talent! posts one question every day, and invites you to use your creative juices to post a crazy answer. Ponder the daily question from the Question Master, and laugh at the responses. Waste time, be entertained, and have fun!

Team Bio is the brainchild of Mike, Wen Dee, Justin, Beren and Ben.

Mike is a final year Commerce student majoring in Accounting and Finance at the University of Melbourne.

Wen Dee is a final year Commerce/Arts student majoring in Accounting, Finance, French and Political Science also at the University of Melbourne

Justin is a final year Computer Science student at RMIT.

Beren is a penultimate year student studying Business and Entrepreneurship at RMIT.

Ben is a final year Commerce student majoring in Accounting and Finance at the University of Melbourne.

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Dream, share, discover- Dream it, Live it -

Dreamsharediscover is a community networking site which encourages users to share their dreams and live out their aspirations. Its user-friendly interface offers great accessibility, and most importantly space for the expression of all manner of imaginings.

Conceived primarily as a collaborative space for idea sharing, it is an interactive platform whereby users post dream-texts onto the website and share their experiences. Just as your dreams are too large to be held in the small jar of the mind, Dreamsharediscover recognizes this expansive and boundless nature of individual personal aspirations, and you can be sure that it has the space for all manner of castles that you choose to build.

Dreamsharediscover is founded by 5 dreamers trying to live our little dream: Rohan Irvine who dreams the dream, Kyal Ardman who visualizes the dream, Sam Wang and Alex Finkel who construct the dream, and Grace Tan who spreads the dream.

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Class Notes -

Are you tired of cramming for exams in a last-minute attempt to score that amazing grade? Do you lack the resources necessary to get that high distinction you have been craving? Or do you wish to make a profit out of your hard work, accumulated over many semesters?

Wait no more! is a virtual marketplace for ambitious students to buy and sell their notes for the benefit of each other. No longer will you run low on funds or note-worthy resources. has your needs catered for at competitive pricing.

Our founding members are Alex Bicknell, Aravinth Balu, Jeff Li, Dian Ching Ng and Lars Yencken.

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Night Mapr -

What’s the deal?
Feeling bored and stranded at home? is the one-stop solution for you! Our site aims to provide all the information you need for an awesome socializing experience, instantly! You don’t have to worry about missing another great night-out or special event anymore.

Simply enter the address of your current location and will display clubs and events around your current location via Google maps. You can import your friends’ profiles from Facebook and see what clubs and events they are attending. In this way, you can connect to your friends by locating where they are on the map.

On top of that, with each places display on your list, there will be a scroll-over link to show a brief description of the place, current promotions and offers, live video stream of what’s happening at that time, rating rate by friends and customers, ratio of males to females, related prices and information on bands performing.

For your convenience
You can even purchase the songs performed by the bands on itune store that is link on our website. Apart from that, ticket sales of various performances are also available where you can instantly purchase one in your own convenience. Also, you don’t have to wait endlessly for a place in a restaurant as you can simply book a time slot or check the crowd frequency before stepping out from your comfort zone!

Life support
Our revenue will mainly come from commission of ticket sales, sponsorships and guest-lists advertising.

About Us
Sam Stewart is a B. Science in Information student. Loves Tool and Girl Talk, an interesting mix of music. Also a social secretary who gets paid to go out.

Gabriel Wong is a 1st year B. Commerce student at Monash University. He has been breakdancing for four years.

Matt Lyons is a 2nd year B. Science student at the University of Melbourne. Likes his python and play around with APIs.

Nicole Chan is a 1st year B. Science student at the University of Melbourne. Currently taking a commerce breadth subject in Managing and Leading Organisations. Loves her animals.

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GWisher -

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your girl? G wisher takes the guesswork out and matches gifts specifically to her personality.

Users start by telling us what they know about their lady, and a few of her interests. We draw from our database of girl-related gifts from affiliated retailers, to provide a unique selection of choices.

We have experience making girls smile - and can pass that on to you!

Team G wisher:

Toby Davies - Working from a literally dog-eaten laptop, Toby is an expert at back-end coding. His expertise allows G wisher to operate its unique gift-recommendation engine.

Daryl Teo - Working with Toby, Daryl develops the front-end of our website and integrates website design with coding elements.

Richard Laws - Marketing expert and business plan developer, Richard has motivated the team with his seemingly endless Red Bull supply - probably necessary given his requirement for high-energy sales pitching!

Andrew Condurachie - Website designer and chronic food stealer, Andrew has a great eye for design and excels at creating pages to suit our user's needs.

Henry Chung - Business expert and self-proclaimed web entrepreneur, Henry has been critical for guiding the user experience and developing specific monetisation opportunities.

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