Student StartupCamp Melbourne

The first ever StartupCamp exclusively for students is being held in Melbourne. The Student Entrepreneurs club at the University of Melbourne is organizing it, having experienced the festivities a the previous Melbourne StartupCamp.

Student StartupCamp commences 6pm Friday 17th April, with final presentations occurring at 3pm on Sunday 19th April. Updates of the teams’ progress will be posted on the Student Entrepreneurs website:

The Teams


ConversionSpace -
ConversionSpace was created as an answer to the common but extremely frustrating problem of finding a reliable, easy and free method of converting files to PDF which is an increasingly common requirement for assignments, job applications and other purposes. It's founding team includes Mark Parncutt, Roshni Govindaraj, Grace Sia, & James Ramsey.


OneOffJobs - help facilitate job seekers and individuals needing one-off tasks completed. It's founding team includes Daniel Lim, Akshay Sachdeva, Mel Brunner, Shanika Kuruppu, & Mick Charuwichitratana.


iBrewIt - connects home brew enthusiasts to share their creations with like-minded people. It provides a comprehensive listing service with rating system and tag/search functionality. iBrewIt was created during the 2009 Student StartupCamp Melbourne. It's founding team includes Arum Sugiono, Tian Yang, Alistair Roche, Dam Ogundeji, Gaurav Dadhania. Special mentions to Ricardo Escalone, & Bart Jellema.


RateMyGuts - is a community forum aimed to promote open discussion of daily consumption in relation to food, health and nutrition. The business was developed during the 2009 Melbourne Start-Up camp held at the University of Melbourne by Andrew Buono, Christian Camilleri, Nick Chadwick and Tom Greenaway. has become a useful tool in the self-evaluation of members’ consumption – improving their lifestyles by allowing them to: view contributions by members, sponsors and nutritionists on diet plans; rate them; revise and adapt them; and adopt them as their own!

ChoreCop -


ChoreCop is a web application that sends reminder emails for chores that are required to be completed. It was founded during the 2009 Start Up Camp, held at The University of Melbourne by Gerard Deffenbaugh, Mathew McBride, Tom Rose, Jaque Qian, and Anshul Vijay.

MicroJobs -


Microjobs is a website that connects job seekers and finders for micro jobs. It was founded by Daniel Leong, Anthony Barnett, Vaishnav Sundara Rajan, Bhathiya Wickremasinghe, and Julie Nguyen.

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