StartupCamp Canberra I

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hereNthen - user-generated location based stories

8what - recipe finder

JobsDone Network - community-sourcing volunteer jobs

RateTheLoo - "great shit" - rating site/comments for toilets

FamilyWrap - family profile/gifting site



Business Idea + 9:00 PM

Business Name + Registration - 9:30 PM

Elevator Pitch - 10 PM


Bios - 12 PM

Write a short biography for each teammember and upload these to your Team's page on the wiki.

Tom Voirol serves as the Executive Assistant Strategic Director of Recessionary Social Engagement Inflation. He has a LLB from Universität Zürich and is currently undertaking an MBA at Macquarie University Graduate School of Business. His work experience includes trying to pronounce AGI Aktiengesellschaft für Informatik, looking for the peripheral at Core Technology AG, and burning books at Reading Room Australia.

Logo - 12 PM

Design a logo for your startup and upload it onto the wiki and your site.

About Us - 12 PM

A short blurb about your startup. This is also the About Us that goes on the bottom of your press release. Upload this to the wiki.

Group Photo - 12 PM

Take a photo of your team and upload it to the wiki.

LIVE DEMO of your site - 3 PM

A live demo to the other teams of your site.

Business Overview - 3 PM

  • What problem does your site solve?
  • Who is the targetted market (what online community are you trying to build)
  • What is your business model (how will you monetise the community)

Add this to your wiki page.

Press Release - 5 PM

Here is a good video on how to write your press release:

Write your press release and upload it to the wiki.

Press List - 9 PM

Create a list of about 100 or more journalists or bloggers with email or contact form that would be interested in your business.

Press Release Sent - 10 PM

Send your press release to the people on your press list. Also put your press release online and try to create some buzz by tweeting, facebooking, emailing your friends etc.

Product FINISHED - 10 PM


Trial Presentations (5 minutes max) - 1 PM

Practice run of your investor pitch. Make sure it's ready at this time. After this there will be only some time for fine-tuning and perfecting it.

Investor Pitch

Build a slidedeck using these guidelines: Pitching Include a live demo in your presentation. Entire pitch should be maximum 5 minutes.

Presentations and Party - 5 PM


Facebook page

Startup Canberra Attendees Contact List

Mark Sluzalek: current focus on start up ventures particullarly web based ventures; very interested in learning more about web based tools and services that can help startup entrepreneurs; virtually anything more about current popular internet sites. Would love to develop websites but currently don't have programming experience. I'm doing some market research and brainstorming at the moment. Facebook me as Marek Sluzalek or contact at moc.liamg|kelazuls.kram#moc.liamg|kelazuls.kram if you want to meet up some time.

Twitter account


Write an article this is interesting for your target audience (but doesn't have to be about your service/business). Top 10 lists are always good. Send the article to article directories and bloggers.

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