Sydney Startupcamp IV


October 8 - 10, 2010

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On Friday (Oct. 8) 6PM our biggest StartupCamp ever started at the offices of our venue sponsors ATP Innovations within the National Innovation Centre in Redfern.

Over 50 entrepreneurial people got teamed up with people they've never met and formed ten new web ventures. Since then 10 web business were started and the teams worked through the night to get their websites running, design news logos, create marketing campaigns and develop their apps to create some amazing new ventures!

A short overview:
First we did various team building excercises and then focused on finding new ideas. All teams started from scratch; idea creation excercises, idea presentations and negotiations within the teams to decide which new idea each team would select.

On Friday evening 11PM all teams agreed on one single new business idea and started developing and designing their new website and application, while shaping the business model. A wide range of draft presentations and excercises followed in which hosts Bart Jellema and Patrick Driessen supported the teams to further improve their business models and developments/designs.

All teams worked all through the night with little (30 minutes) or no sleep!!! Saturday afternoon all teams sent out press releases to introduce their new ventures to the world. On Saturday evening 8PM everyone had to stop coding and finalised their presensations and pitches for the Launch Party. So…. withing less then 24 hours, they all created their new web businesses! WOW!

The Teams


The Sponsors

The Organisers & Hosts

The Launch Party (Sat. 9/10 @ 9PM)

On Saturday evening at 9PM all 10 teams launched their fully working websites to the public and press, followed by a special launch party with champagne, beer and snacks to celebrate the birth of the 10 new web businesses.

Location: ATP Innovations (at National Innovation Centre)
4 Cornwallis Street
Eveleigh (Redfern) NSW 2015

The Grand Final (Sunday 10/10 @ 2PM)

On the Sunday afternoon (2PM) all teams presented and pitched to a panel of professional investors and business leaders:

  • Nick McNaughton - CEO at Blue Cove Ventures & Deputy Chairman at Capital Angels
  • Daniel Biondi - CTO & Distinguished Technologist / Strategist at Hewlett-Packard
  • Menno Veeneklaas - Partner at Main Street Capital & Director at Sydney Growth Ventures
  • Roger Buckeridge - Co-Founder & Director at Allen & Buckeridge
  • Catherine Eibner - Developer Evangelist at Microsoft
  • James McCutcheon - Founder at Foundry38 & Founder/CIO at eValuers

Spectators and visitors were welcome and the judges picked their top-3 winners a follows:

  • Winner of the investor pitch was PolyCloset
  • 2nd place going to QRMeHere
  • 3rd going went to MyMediStats.

Honourable mentions also went too DealPinch and DateRate, with DateRate winning the 'best presentation' title. We closed the StartupCamp IV weekend off with a vibrant drinks & networking party.

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Sydney Startup Networking Party (Thursday, Oct. 14th)

The top-3 of Sydney StartupCamp and the winner of the 'best presentation' nomination, will present their new ventures on stage at the next bi-monthly Sydney Startup Networking Party at the Home Nightclub on Thursday October 14th (starts at 5PM). For more information and (free)tickets, please click HERE.

Next StartupCamp

The next StartupCamp - which will be organised by the Dutch duo Bart Jellema and Patrick Driessen - will take place in Melbourne: November 12-14th. See: &

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