Startup Camp III

Startup Camp 3 is held on the weekend of 19-21 February

It's a get together of people from different disciplines that have an interest in startups and do a complete startup in one weekend. From coming up with the idea and making a business plan to pitching, design and development and marketing. The main goal is to learn from each others experience and to get a chance to work with a new group of people and of course to have a lot of fun.

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Any questions, contact Bart Jellema (moc.soojt|amellej.trab#moc.soojt|amellej.trab).

Latest Updates

Brainstorming has started and we'll have twitter #sucs3 and ustream up and running soon! Stay tuned.

SUCS UStream -

For this Startup Camp, each team will also have their own twitter hashtag, so you can send comments and feedback to the teams themselves.

For other media, see the blog at and follow us on twitter @startupcampsyd3


thinkers-garden-logo-small.jpg, A new social innovation that allows you to document and share all the ideas that you have but may normally chose to ignore. It is a place of ideas that allows users to collaborate and be inspired, Social Nnetworking access allows you to post directly to your twitter or Facebook feeds. Visit us now, and let your ideas grow!

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Sometimes, guys need all the help they can get!

So you tend to meet a lot of girls, you are actively dating, but you can't always remember which one is which? You have a date tonight, but was her name Michelle or was it Melissa? Was she the one who was allergic to dairy, or was that Sarah from last week?

Wotsername is the answer to your problems. Stop forgetting which one is which and which one has an abnormal love of spiders.


Home Cooking From a Great Chef!

Hungry? Can’t be bothered cooking but want a home-cooked meal? Find someone near you to cook want you want for as low as $8 a meal. We’ll Chef You.


Food enthusiasts can now harness the power of web 2.0 to get their recipes and cooking skills into the spotlight. is the world’s first collaborative recipe & food site that lets users post their most inspired creations, including photos and recipes, that are rated by fellow food lovers. The most popular “plates” will be published in a series of recipe books to be sold both online and in popular outlets, with the talented cooks behind the recipes receiving a slice of the profits. offers a wholly unique experience for users. Not only do members have the chance to be printed by, but users can choose their favourite recipes to create customised cookbooks that are printed and delivered to their door. Cooks who have their recipes appear in a custom cookbook also receive a royalty for the use of their creation, effectively creating the world’s first “recipe market” and the monetisation of amateur recipe posts.

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Eye Opening Photography



"Essence of photography with a 1000 angles"

Welcome to the Eye Opening Photography space, solely dedicated to sharing the world’s most spectacular locations through photography, each caption is shot with passion and posted for everyone to admire around the world. This open resource allows for enthusiasts as well as the general public to share the landscapes they've enjoyed through photographs. Nowhere else on the web is this displayed in a way that's so easily accessible.



An iphone app to consolidate coffee loyalty and improve loyalty card management for cafes and their customers.

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Frendorsed is a simple online and mobile tool that lets your friends endorse or reject your choices, past or present. Using the power of the interwebs, and a team of well-informed owls, Frendorsed harnesses the power of your social circle to determined whether you made/are making the right choice or not.

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Rough Schedule for the Weekend (watch here for updates)

Friday Feb 19th

6pm Arrivals and Registration
7pm Offical Kick-off
8pm Brainstorming rounds
9:30pm First round of pitches
10:30pm Concept lockdown
11pm Let the coding commence

Saturday, Feb. 20th

9pm Logos and About Us complete
10am Seminar on PR
2pm Soft launch of site
8:00pm Code Freeze, prepare for Press Launch and Demo
9:00pm Official launch and Party

Sunday, Feb. 21st

9am Finishing Touches/Practice Pitches
noon Final Pitches to panel and feedback
2pm Packout

Comments from Startup Camp II

Tyrone: "Loved every minute of it. Nothing like learning from doing. Would definitely recommend it."
Ryan Cross: "Super tired, still coding, and really enjoying startup camp sydney. I would probably do this everyday if i could"
Jonathan Clarke: "Loved every minute of it. Especially the 15 minutes of sleep I got on Saturday morning"
Marco de Bruin: "What an EPIC ride SC-2 was! And the saying buzzing around during the weekend: 'Sleep is overrated'"
Michael Harries: "Wow! All the best parts of the startup experience crammed into a single weekend. Community/People/Event - all amazing."
Sri Panyam - "Fantastic. Never knew it was this easy to meet so many super smart and passionate people. Nothing like this to build unity!!"

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