StartupCamp Sydney II Schedule

Friday, Jan. 16th

Time Event
6:00PM Arrivals and Registration
Register at the door and receive your nametag, leave your laptops and iPhones and blackberries alone for a while and meet some people.
6:15PM Dinner Served - sponsored by
7:00PM Official Kick-off and Welcome
Don't be fashionably late! Miss this and you miss some crucial info. You also end up in the miscellaneous team as team assignments are made at this time. :)
7:30PM Team-Assignments and Setup
You will be assigned a team number and find the table with that number. Meet your team and setup your laptops and network.
8:00PM Team Brainstorming - warmup session
Instructions for this exercise will be given at the time
8:30PM Team-Brainstorming
Instructions for the session
9:30PM First Round Pitches - 3 per team
Instructions for the session
10:30PM Final Idea and Domain Chosen/Registered, Second Round Pitches
Instructions for the session
11:00PM Development starts!

Saturday, Jan. 17th

Time Event
9:00AM Breakfast served - sponsored by
9:00AM Logos, boilerplate, about us, contact info, rough draft of investor pitch completed
Logo - Your logo needs to be ready and loaded onto your team page on the wiki
Bios - Short bios for each team member need to be on the wiki example
The about us and contact info needs to be on your site when it goes live for the soft launch
10:00AM "How to Talk to the Press" by Kathryn Small
12:00PM Lunch at Alexandra (off-site) - sponsored by
2:00PM Soft Launch of Site
Your site has to be active on the actual domain name and feature at least the logo, about us and contact info and a very buggy incomplete version of your product
2:00PM Press Releases Completed, Press List Compiled, Get Group Photo Taken
A press release about the impending release of your product that will dominate the world is ready and you've compiled a 300-page press list. You also have a plan of other innovative ways to promote the launch and to get as many people possible to come watch the launch online, use your product and/or write articles about it. Think outside the box here and feel free to collaborate with other teams or call in favors from partners or friends that are CEO of Fairfax or design the google algoritm.
3:00PM Send out Press Releases (each team sends their own)
All your press releases are sent and other crazy ploys to attract attention have been implemented.
6:30PM Dinner served - sponsored by
8:00PM Code Freeze, prepare for Press Launch and Demo
Coding STOPS! This is the hard deadline. Your site needs to be live and working.
9:00PM Launches and Demos to Press, Party!
Each team has maximum 5min (and you will be cut off and this includes fumbling with laptops, etc) to pitch and give a live demo of their product. After this there will be 2-3mins in which the press can ask questions. This pitch is NOT for investors. This is where you get the world excited about your invention
10:30PM Sleep/Work as needed - code, work on presentations, go home, sleep or party

Sunday, Jan. 18th

Time Event
9:00AM Arrange your own breakfast
9AM-12PM Finishing Touches/Practice for Investor Pitches
Make sure you practice your pitch a fair few times. Ideally, have the pitch and slides ready before 10 AM so you get plenty on time to practice and refine. Each pitch will be 5 min. max and should cover the points in the "Tips for a great pitch" link below. Remember to have fun with it!
Tips for a great pitch
12:00PM VCs arrive, Final Pitches
2:00PM Networking, Clean-up, Final Touches!
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