Melbourne StartupCamp II


November 12 - 14, 2010

To kick-off the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 in Australia, we will be organising a very entrepreneurial and innovative StartupCamp weekend in Melbourne at which you can start a new tech venture and improve your startup skills!

Get fresh ideas and turn your new ideas into action; fast track your startup success at the Melbourne StartupCamp II organised by Seed Accelerator and Startup Australia.

Our StartupCamp is no ordinary startup event! It's a high-performance event where like-minded entrepreneurs gather for a weekend of company creation: a concentrated, intensive hands-on event where you start with brainstorming for a new idea on Friday evening and by Saturday evening you can literally be in business ready to generate your first lead or customer. On Sunday the grand final will include pitching your new venture to a panel of professional investors!

Just don’t think it’s just for developers. It's marketing maestros, design gurus, business development wizards, legal geniuses, and the specialist of startups – the jack of all trades coming together as one unit, creating a harmony that can only be envied by the corporate world.

StartupCamp is exciting, hands-on, interactive, entrepreneurial, full of innovation, fun and fast moving: to accelerate your growth and… your business success!

For Who?
Anyone with the desire to start a new tech venture: online, mobile, software, digital media, cleantech, etc.
This means students, graduates, wannapreneurs, emerging entrepreneurs, developers, designers, sales & marketing experts, legal & financial experts, people who can't wait to give up their corporate career, established entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone else who want to take part in an exciting, high performance and fruitful startup event at which you can lay the foundation of your new business venture, build new valuable relationships, can learn & explore and…. can have lots of fun!

StartupCamp will be organised and hosted by two dynamic and successful Dutch entrepreneurs: cheese heads Bart Jellema (Founder at Tjoos and Startup Australia) and Patrick Driessen (Founder at Seed Accelerator, 8P Capital and Dutchdown) will provide you with a vibrant mix of StartupCamp success ingredients!

Judging Panel
On the Sunday afternoon all teams will get the opportunity to present and pitch to a panel of professional investors and business leaders.

The $50 fee is purely to cover the cost of drinks and catering. The actual StartupCamp is FREE! If you have any payment issues, please contact us at info(at) or b(at)

How To Register
We make it even easier to register NOW: it's just a $50 fee (to cover the cost of catering and drinks).
You can register and pay using PayPal or your credit card via our Eventbrite page. Click **HERE** for more info.

Don't Miss Out: Register Early!
Previous StartupCamp events were sold out quickly. So please register early.
Seating is very limited at our Sydney StartupCamp event. Participation is for 60 attendees MAXIMUM per event. Sorry, on-site registration is NOT available. When an event is full, it's full.

Too late and no more tickets left? Sign up for our waitlist at the Eventbrite ticket sales website. There should be a link on the Eventbrite information display for the StartupCamp you are interested in attending. You can also send us an email. Some of our venues simply do not have any more space available, while others do. So each situation is different but also, even at larger venues we will limit the attendance so we can provide you with enough attention to accomplish your goals.

At The StartupCamp
Our events typically start at 6 PM local time Friday evening. Snacks, refreshments and dinner are provided (included in the fee).
The fun continues on Saturday and Sunday as you develop your business idea into a functioning new business and go from zero to success! Remember, our unique process is different from those "tell you what to do without showing you how" seminars. It's exciting, HANDS ON, interactive and fast moving: to accelerate your growth and…your success! So be ready to "GIT-R-DONE" while here!

Meet With Experts, Business Leaders and Investors
During the weekend you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with various key experts such as a lawyer, technology executives of large enterprises, serial entrepreneurs, investors, business mentors and others all in one place and at no additional charge! Get your most pressing questions answered without paying those big hourly fees! Past attendees tell us that this feature alone is worth the investment.

Launch Your New Business
By the end of the weekend, attendees who want to be up and running with their concept can literally be ready to take on their first leads and customers!

Rinse & Repeat
In addition to launching your business in record time, our program is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and tools to rapidly prototype and test most any idea that comes into your brain in 1-2 days with little to no money and then act on the ones that make sense quickly, efficiently and cheaply. Our business startup process provides you with a lifelong skill that can truly yield endless dividends!

Why Is Our StartupCamp Different?
Well, first off, there's almost no other event where you actually get your business off the ground before you leave. Sure, there's classes, half-day seminars, 4-session courses, 10 week night courses, etc. where they only tell you what you SHOULD do and after you leave, guess what: you still have to DO it! You have not moved forward on your business even one single inch!

Secondly, there's no "one-stop shop" where you get the information, do the things you need to do to actually get up and running and be able to interact face to face, one on one with key startup business experts and do it all in one single weekend. If you know of such a place, we'd like to know!

So if you are even remotely interested getting new startup ideas, or in seeing if the ideas you already have in your head are worth pursuing and if so, how you can launch any one of them into a new business in just a weekend, and to be able to use the experience and process to do it over and over again, then our StartupCamp is THE place for you!

How Can You Offer This Event So Inexpensively?
We are organising our StartupCamps as not-for-profit events. Efficiency, low overhead, and a sincere interest and passion to help people and rebuild the economy is driving us to provide our event for free. We only ask for a small contribution to cover the catering cost. We can only run our StartupCamps thanks to the help of various sponsors and some great volunteers and supporters.

Offering our event without charging a large sum of money for it, means that more people can benefit. More dreams will be pursued and people who start a new venture with the help of StartupCamp will make less costly mistakes. So making the event a true no-brainer, and frankly, offering an insane value is one of the many things we teach at the StartupCamp for you to do. We are focused on making you successful in your new endeavor, as well as getting started smartly and quickly.

We also teach you how you must offer an incredible value and how to differentiate yourself from other options your prospects have in order to succeed. Therefore, we practice what we preach!

Let Seed Accelerator and Startup Australia help you to turn your idea into a new business smarter, faster and better!

For more information and Melbourne StartupCamp tickets, please click HERE.

Do you have interest to become one of our sponsors and/or media partners? Please contact Patrick (info[at] to discuss how you can best support StartupCamp.

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