What is StartupCamp?

It's a get together of people from different disciplines that have an interest in startups and do a complete startup in one weekend. From coming up with the idea and making a business plan to pitching, design and development and marketing. The main goal is to learn from each others experience and to get a chance to work with a new group of people and of course to have a lot of fun.

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StartupCamp I - 5-7 September 2008
StartupCamp II - 16-18 January 2009
Startup BarCamp Sydney - November 21st, 2009
StartupCamp III - 19-21 February 2010

StartupCamp IV - 8-10 October 2010


StartupCamp Melbourne I - 3-5 October 2008
Student StartupCamp Melbourne I - 17-19 April 2009
Student StartupCamp Melbourne II - 9-11 April 2010

Melbourne StartupCamp II - February 2011


StartupCamp Canberra I (Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre) - 18-20 September 2009
StartupCamp Canberra II (Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre) - 13-15 August 2010
StartupCamp Canberra III (Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre) - 4-6 May 2012


| StartupCamp Brisbane I - 8-10 October 2010


In the making.


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StartupBus - In planning

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