Venturewatch Australia


To an entrepreneur, access to great business opportunities and resources is vital. While Australia does not lag behind in terms of idea generation, there is often a gap in turning business ideas into reality as the country’s entrepreneurial climate is different from that of other developed nations.

To bridge this gap, was created to be a comprehensive online platform for local and overseas investors to find business resources and investment opportunities in Australia. This free service offers an easily navigable directory to help members search for joint venture partners, advertise a product idea, get into franchising, property investment, or find businesses for sale.

Our aim is to make it easier for Australian entrepreneurs to commercialise their ideas and invest in viable business opportunities.

To become a member of the VentureWatch network, sign up at or email ua.moc.hctawerutnev|maet#ua.moc.hctawerutnev|maet for more information.



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