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Team Members

Andrew Dever

Experienced in developing and pitching digital strategy to blue-chip advertisers including IBM, Volvo, Jaguar and Reckitt Benckiser.

Brings a user centric perspective to online entrepreneurship, understands inbound marketing and traffic conversion strategy, as well as integrating marketing into research, development and implementation of web technologies.

Nick Hac

Nick has solid experience developing and consulting emerging digital businesses based in Australia.

As the founder of both BuzzNumbers and Shifted Pixels Nick brings a wealth of knowledge along with a diverse network of thought leaders invested in his ideas.

Ozan Onay

Ozan is a self confessed maths nerd turned with strong analytical and problem solving skills.

His language of choice is DJango, which he fell in love with somewhere between completing a maths degree and a law degree.

Pamela Fox

Pamela is a USC graduate working at Google in the Maps API team as a support engineer. She's been working at Google in Mountain View for 2 years in developer relations and has been in Australia for 2 months.

She brings user-centric UI knowledge.

Sam Cavenagh

Java programmer by day, python by night. Brings a web and enterprise skill set.

Sri Panyam

…is god.


Andrew Dever andrewdever
Nick Hac nickhac
Ozan Onay ozanonay
Pamela Fox pamelafox
Sam Cavenagh o_sam_o
Sri Panyam [ panyam



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