Product – tenbagsfull.com.au (TBF) and associated research, analytics and social media tools.

Goal – To develop the world’s best stock market research and analysis tools and deliver them globally.

Markets – The extremely lucrative financial investment markets worldwide. The products are being developed to allow integration with professional investors, such as fund managers and stockbrokers, very valuable partnerships with trading platforms and online communities and direct marketing to retail investors through the web site and various media.
Note: We have already received requests to partner us in revenue generation and have interest from one of the Australian banks regarding integration with their trading platform.

Team – Russ Condick, Tim Morris + Iain Roberts developer.

Achievements to date – Delivery of a highly functional web site, facilitating social media and research, with over 1100 members, delivered on a shoestring budget with tiny resources.

TBF has delivered or is about to deliver:

A first of its kind Global Stock Ranking tool that can search foreign exchanges, sectors and company value ranges and order the companies by quality and value for investment. It can use predefined formulas, or be modified to allow users to input their own criteria and produces an attractive, easy to interpret graphical display.

Private group functionality, linked to stock market news, announcements and price feeds, which allows confidential discussion within TBF, or can be integrated into a third party network and will hugely boost the ability to brainstorm about a company or topic and share with workmates or clients.

Numerous other one of a kind tools, such as our company fact wiki’s, stock prediction feature, automated capital structure updating, announcement impacts and more, all of which can be explained and demonstrated in detail.

Please note that if you go on the website, you’ll only see the tip of the iceberg in relation to what has been and is about to be implemented.

We have already achieved an enormous amount with a very limited team and budget. The strategy has always been to position the products so that they deliver huge value and can be rolled out globally as easily as in Australia. In fact larger markets will be easier to make inroads into, than Australia.
The financial value of the products is enormous. Totally Australian based offerings within the financial and stock market niches turn over tens of millions of dollars.

The potential for our products is many times that, due to the capability to tap global markets and the flexibility with which they can be monetised.



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