Seed Accelerator


Seed Acceleratorâ„¢[] is the first and foremost startup accelerator & business accelerator in the Asia Pacific region. We help startup and grow start-ups, we turn great ideas into great companies, we turn innovative people into leading entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders and we turn enterprise organisations into entrepreneurial organisations!

  • We take emerging entrepreneurs from idea phase to becoming 'fundable'
  • We take established entrepreneurs from product launch to becoming a successful global technology company, and
  • We take established enterprise organisations from being a laggard to becoming an innovative market leader.

At Seed Acceleratorâ„¢ we are focused on bringing the key elements of a vibrant startup and high-performance ecosystem together: top entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial investors, technologists, inventors, a broad range of advisors, academia, government bodies and corporates. We bring them all together in the services and programs we provide; focused on helping emerging and established organisations to succeed faster and better!

The great people on our team, on our programs, on our board and on our mentoring pool enable us to run various unique startup & business accelerator programs for a select number of emerging and established organisations.

For selected exceptional founders and teams we provide three different programs to accelerate their personal growth and their global business growth:

Startup Seed Program

  • For startups: Campus based in-house program
  • From idea to launch

Business Seed Program

  • For early & later-stage ventures: on-going program
  • From proto-type to global market leader

Idea Seed Program

  • For exceptional entrepreneurs & teams without an idea
  • From business plan to global market leader

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