Refactor is a technology consulting company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. We have a strong enterprise Java background with close to 10 years working with major banks. More recently our focus has been on rapid web application development using Grails and Rails. We are passionate about agile methods and have an in-house certified scrum master. We are available for one-off consulting, training or complete project initiation, development and deployment.

Refactor was founded by Lee Butts, Steve Dalton and Rob Nielsen. Lee has been a committer on the Grails project since May 2005. Lee and Rob worked together for Suncorp on shared service Java/Groovy systems and then joined Steve on a travel based project in early 2008 where they worked on several internal Grails applications. They then decided to combine their efforts and formed Refactor to focus on developing with best the tools and methods available.

They are currently consulting for several clients while developing their own products and ideas.



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