Mission Statement
RateMyGuts.com aims to generate a communal platform where contributions can be made to foster greater understanding of the importance of well being stemming from a healthy diet.
With the assistance of feedback from our valued members in conjunction with our sponsored advice and products, we hope to inspire lifestyle changes and awareness of diet related health in the greater community.

Problem Statement
Where can I go for health ideas, enchance my nutritional knowledge and gain ideas regarding interesting meals and healthy, targetted advice.

The Team:
Mr. Buono is a Commerce student at the University of Melbourne majoring in economics and finance. His man interest in the current project lies with educating the community on healthy and sustainable eating with maximum freedom to the user.

Mr. Camilleri is a University of Melbourne Commerce student majoring in Finance and Management. Before taking on his current responsibilities, Mr. Camilleri has lead project development teams in community service roles working closely in youth development.
As an initial developer of RateMyGuts.com, Mr. Camilleri assisted in the development of marketing strategies and web layout concepts in conjunction with the primary aims of the organization.

Mr. Chadwick

Mr. Greenaway is a final year Software Engineering student and supervisor of third-year capstone projects within the software department at the University of Melbourne. Mr. Greenaway has developed in the industry during his study and developed on multiple eCommerce websites.
His focus was in front-end development - skinning RateMyGuts.com and improving the usability with JavaScript and inline error handling - with a few dips into the database-driven back-end.

Boiler Plate:
RateMyGuts.com is a community forum aimed to promote open discussion of daily consumption in relation to food, health and nutrition. The business was developed during the 2009 Melbourne Start-Up camp held at the University of Melbourne by Andrew Buono, Christian Camilleri, Nick Chadwick and Tom Greenaway.
RateMyGuts.com has become a useful tool in the self-evaluation of members’ consumption – improving their lifestyles by allowing them to: view contributions by members, sponsors and nutritionists on diet plans; rate them; revise and adapt them; and adopt them as their own!

Guerilla Marketing Plan
We hope to generate hype and interest through social interwebs such as facebook, propeller, twitter and other popular online internet communities. We have also sent out extensive emails to our contacts and mailing groups that we have developed over the years to hopefully get a bit of a kickstart in terms of member count.

Leading on from this, a more personal approach involves us getting a registration of interest from the general public via sign-up forms we place and collect from relevent food and health stores around Melbourne. As an added incentive for businesses to get people to sign-up, we have offered free advertising for those businesses which manage to fill in a whole sheet worth of names (approx 40 emails).

We have also sought to raise the profile, credibility and quality of the service we provide by getting health experts and doctors to endorse our idea, allowing them to become "chief reviewers", giving their feedback a greater weighting, along with displaying their medical branch's logo as mutual advertisement.

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