One off Jobs is a job recruitment site, specifically targeted at "one off" jobs.

The Problem

One off Jobs connects job seekers with individuals that need one off tasks done. For example, busy working professionals, handicapped people and small businesses don't always have the time to get chores done and do routine jobs such as ironing shirts, cooking meals and filing paperwork. On the other side, there are many university students, unemployed people or housewives who have the time required to do these jobs and want a one off source of income.

Get your task done, or get paid to do a one off job.
connects one-off job seekers to prospective employers.

Customer Goal

Job Makers: Find someone else to do their chores and tasks so they don't have to.
Job Takers: Turn their free time into cash.

The Solution connects job seekers with individuals willing to pay for one off tasks.



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