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Does your pet need love? My Pet Needs Love!

Sydney, Australia Jan 19 2009.
You have heard of social networks, you have heard of online dating… what about online pet dating?

Just like people, pets get lonely and crave attention. They are left home alone day after day while their masters live out their own busy lives. Further still, they rarely get to mix with their own species! How would you feel if you had to spend day after day socialising with a room full of monkeys? helps pet owners find new buddies for their fluffy little bundles of joy. Once these connections have been built, pets can go on play dates, make new friends, and keep each other company while their owners are attending to their own busy lives. Bring those pets that are so close to you some of the love and companionship we humans take for granted. Pets need love too you know.

Features include photo galleries, integrated dynamic maps allowing members to find buddies in their area, stories relevant to pet care, and the option to post video profiles that can be viewed by pets all around the world.

Instead of charging users fees for membership or to contact one another, MyPetNeedsLove will be monetized by offering pet owners luxury products for their pets. If your pet is feeling a little nervous and self conscious before their first date with a new mate, MyPetNeedsLove will be able to direct you to a place where you can conveniently purchase a brand new collar or luxury pet perfume!

MyPetNeedsLove was devised and created over one weekend at Start-up Camp Sydney II, held at the Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh. 39 entrepreneurs came together over the weekend to create 6 innovative, exciting new companies. The team is made up of skilled entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. There is over century of business and technology experience between them.

So, if your pet is looking for love, in need of companionship, or just wants to make new friends, head over to

Your Pets Need Love. Help them find it.

For more information, contact Nathan Dunn on +61 423 599 374 or ua.ude.wsnu.tneduts|nnud.nahtan#ua.ude.wsnu.tneduts|nnud.nahtan



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