Description is dedicated to finding your pet a date. Pets need love too you know. My Pet Needs Love was founded out of Startup Camp Sydney in 2009. The founding members felt the empathy of loveless pets and decided to do something about it. is a website dedicated to bringing pets together for fun and play. For further information please contact Nathan Dunn on +61423 599 374 or moc.liamg|evolsdeentepym#moc.liamg|evolsdeentepym.



Andrew Thornberry
Andrew founded Yuranga, an web development and IT service busines.

Nathan Dunn
Nathan is the founder of Standout Web Design and currently works for ATP innovations.

Benjamin Ranck
Is a technology entrepreneur, co-founder and CTO for his company ChatterSpike Inc in the USA.

Miranda De Bruin
Brings over 10 years of project management experience and currently works at Link Market Services a stock market and financial services company.

Tyrone Castillo
Comes from a varied background, including running various brick and mortar ventures and consulting in ICT strategy.

Nick Beckenham
Is an IT consultant specializing in software engineering of large scale systems with 4 years experience in many environments.

Richard Hayes
Is the founder of Carbon Free Solutions and brings over 30 years of IT experience.

In the Newspaper

Sun Herald (Melbourne), Tuesday, 20th January 2009
Daily Telegraph (Central Coast), Tuesday, 20th January 2009

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