Vincent Brendel has 8 years' experience in the 3 Ds of software: Design, Development and Deployment. He has experience with customer relationship management systems and ITIL. Special Power: architectural expertise.

Cindy Gottinger is extensively involved in the entrepreneur start-up community in Asia. Her expertise lies in economics and finance in both the private and public sector and has interests in marketing, business development and innovation in Asia-Pacific. Special Power: inter-organisation relationship creation.

Daniel Granot brings a strong understanding of business and customer needs and their expectations from technology. Providing client-orientated strategies, he has worked with large scale companies including Sensis, AGL, Dodo, Shell, and GE. Special Power: customer-focused zen.

Rory Hart is Head of Development at Virtual Worlds startup ExitReality. With a background in coding and linux he now spends his time with gant charts, requirement specifications and whipping his coding team into shape. Special power: structural integrity.

Josh Kinal is a writer with experience in building content and user interfaces for web-sites in television, automotive classfieds and engineering companies. He developed websites for Rove Live and Special Power: vocabulary-related superlatives.

Matt Milo worked as a web-designer with the AdWeb web agency and Vanguard Investments prior to starting his own company building useful web-based apps. Special Power: visual genius.

Maxim Shklyar runs web development agency kisla interactive and created the XIML interactive multimedia mark-up language. With 12 years' experience in every major web technology, he implemented large-scale web projects for Holden, Arts Victoria, SBS's Tour de France, Lee Jeans, and 100 more. Special Power: conceptual brilliance.

Together they are marketbeagle and they will give you the best marketing tool your business has ever seen.

Vincent Brendel vb @ Project management / Development
Maxim Shklyar shklyar at gmail Web development, Organizer
Cindy Gottinger moc.liamg|regnittog.s.ydnic#moc.liamg|regnittog.s.ydnic Sales (Asia market)/Marketing/Business Development/Finance
Rory Hart hartror at Engineering, Design & Project Management
Josh Kinal joshkinal atz gmail (amongst others) Web Producer / Content Creator / Writer
Daniel Granot moc.liamg|tonargleinad#moc.liamg|tonargleinad IT / Sales / Trainer
Matt Milosavljevic moc.liamg|olimm.rm#moc.liamg|olimm.rm Front end designer/engineer



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