iTrafficApp is a simple iPhone application that helps users to drive smarter and safer by providing up to the minute information on traffic conditions and alerting drivers when approaching RTA cameras.


iPhone Developer: Graham Dawson
Graham has had a long career in application development and consulting for a range of blue chip and SME companies, especially in the oil and gas industry. More recently he started an iPhone development company, the first success being the Oz Weather app.

Director of Designer: Roman Tarnavski

Communications Director: Anoop Lad
Anoop has a background in Property investment and IT Project management, Anoop is a founding member of the publishing startup that brought the Time Out brand to Australia.

Strategy/Product Manager: Michael Harries
Michael is a technology strategist/futurist with Citrix Systems. He is passionate about developing and supporting Australian startups.

Marketing Director: Todd Forest
Todd has been a marketing executive with several global brands including Nike, Reebok, AOL and Jobfox. His passion is to develop innovation web companies that transform consumer experiences and he continues this mission via Tasman Ventures

Software Architect: Joseph Gentle

Web Technology Architect: Marcus Schappi




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