Customer Goal

To show my brew to the world!

The Problem

I'm a brewer, but no one knows. I want to show my brew to the world, but there is no way to do it. :(

The Solution

So I go to ibrewit.com, I post my brew on the site, and people like me start to share their experience with me - I'm happy :)

Boiler Plate

iBrewit.com connects home brew enthusiasts to share their creations with like-minded people. It provides a comprehensive listing service with rating system and tag/search functionality.

Contact Info

We love to get feedback. Please ping us at moc.tiwerbi|reeb#moc.tiwerbi|reeb.
Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/ibrewit_com

About Us

Alistair Roche is a 2nd year B. Computer Science student at the University of Melbourne, who has an extensive knowledge of Python Jango.

Arum Sugiono is a 3rd year B. Commerce student at the University of Melbourne, also a core member of Student Entrepreneurs | Agents of Change Club. Arum has championed a number of events on campus including the inaugural Student Startup Camp Melbourne (this event!), and is appointed the next president of Student Entrepreneurs Club. Arum has just took up a graduate offer to work for KPMG, but is determined to startup her own business before 30 - very ambitious girl!

Dam Ogundeji is a 3rd year B. Commerce student at University of Melbourne. Dam, being a brew enthusiast himself is the man who came up with the idea.

Gaurav Dadhania joins us from Monash University and is the vice president of Monash IT Club. He is a second year B. Computer Science student specializing in Java. Gaurav is the man who built the backbone of ibrewit.com. He is constantly exploring opportunities to startup his own business in the near future

Tian D. Yang is a 4th year B. Commerce / B. Arts (Media&Communication) student at the University of Melbourne, also a core member of Student Entrepreneurs | Agents of Change Club. Tian is one of the early followers of the club and has just returned from a yearlong exchange in the University of Manchester, UK. He is currently organizing sponsorship and partnership for Entrepreneurs Week 2009 and is exploring ways to expand the event to multiple universities in Victoria.

Additional members

Ricardo Escalon is a facilitator of Student Startup Camp, but decided to lent us a hand due to two of our members were forced to briefly leave the team. As an user experience specialist Ricardo designed our logo and had done an extensive visual optimization for ibrewit.com. Ricardo was involved in the previous Startup Camp, which his team built iSporters.com - an information center and social network for Australians who play indoor sports. Ricardo worked at Stamford's Interactive, Australia's premier usability consulting firm. He started life as a frustrated Materials and Manufacturing engineer cutting fridges for Fisher and Paykel, but after a working holiday in Canada he turned away from his sins and entered the world of IT by completing a Masters of IT and focusing on usability and requirements.

Bart Jellema is the man who started Startup Camp in Australia, and flew down from Sydney to faciliate the first Student Startup Camp. Bart joined our team briefly for the same reasons stated above, and gave some great tips on marketing our ermerging business to the home brewers community (surprisingly he's a coder by trade). He currently works with his partner at their own startup Tjoos.com - advertising-free online shopping portal with a strong focus on the consumer experience.

Contact Us

Team member e-mail Website Role
Alistair Roche Coder
Arum Sugiono ua.gro.egnahcfostnega|mura#ua.gro.egnahcfostnega|mura Business
Dam Ogundeji Business
Gaurav Dadhania Coder
Tian D. Yang ua.gro.egnahcfostnega|nait#ua.gro.egnahcfostnega|nait Business
Ricardo Escalon User experience
Bart Jellema Marketing

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