About Hueyify


Hueyify was incorporated in late 2014 and is currently in start-up. It was founded by Kenneth Springer.

Hueyify is a online platform that allows you to instantly control any website to personalise your entire web experience. You can seamlessly access & interact with any website in the way you want. In effect maximising web users to have a better experience online, helping businesses reach a wider target market with better web usability and helping software developers write code once that adapts automatically based on user preferences.

Hueyify has a learning engine based on our patent pending technology. Simply put - Hueyify is innovation that puts the power of preferences & choices into the Internet.

Watch our informative video at our website to see what Hueyify does.


Innovation that puts the Power of Preferences & Choices into the Internet
Hueyify® is a platform that allows you to instantly control all content in your web browser giving you the most personalised web experience.



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