Going away on holiday is fun but it can be absolutely stressful at the same time. The local conditions may vary greatly including the weather, people and even local shopping.

Businesses throughout the world have varying opening and closing hours, which makes it extremely difficult to know where to go and when. Even if you have Googled a particular location, finding out whether it is open or closed is another matter all together.

A new company by the name of Hourz has committed themselves to addressing this issue by creating a brand new hours search directory online, which provides the opening times of local businesses. Not only are users able to search for business hours but for businesses to attract more unique customers.

The site lists businesses from tourist attractions, banks, restaurants, cafes to local libraries and government buildings.

Users can filter results by open or closed making it conveniently simple to always be assured to find a place, which is currently open.

Hourz is currently only available in Australia but a global expansion is underway.

So whenever in doubt when a place closes or opens visit Hourz.com.au



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