Gold Buyers


Have you seen Cash For Fold Melbourne? Want to make money? Have some spare gold lying around in old unwanted jewellery, or rings from an unwanted marriage perhaps?
You can be paid cash for gold to sell your gold, at the best value rates too. Way better than any pawn shop or the like. We know the real value of gold, and will give you a fair price using state of the art laser and xray technology.

Based in Melbourne, we can visit you, or we will send you an insured parcel package to cash in your valuable gold pieces such as pendants and rings. Free up some cash now.

If you want to make some quick cash and have spare precious metal lying around, the best idea is to visit Sell Gold Melbourne so you can help yourself and advise all of your friends sell their unwanted gold, and make a lot of extra money. We will buy gold off you, of varying grades, quality and forms.

Gold Digger Trading Co
Shop 17, 259 Collins st, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
(03) 9654 3800



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