GiveDo Launch Press Release


GiveDo merges philanthropy and internet search for people that care.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - January 18, 2009 -, an innovative social startup that makes it easy for charities to earn income from internet search advertising, launched its web site today. Consumers can personally engage with charitable donations on a daily and easy-to-use basis.

Using GiveDo technology, charities can easily create a branded search engine page promoting their cause. Supporters can use the branded page to conduct searches. Advertising revenue generated from searches goes directly to the charity.

Search functionality is backed by Google Search, giving visitors the benefit of the world's best search engine.
Charities can set up a GiveDo branded search engine in three easy steps. First, the charity completes a one-page account profile on the GiveDo website. Next, the organisation uploads a logo. Finally, the charity creates a link to the new branded search engine on their website. From the minute a charity signs up, they acquire a new channel for collecting donations.

Supporters of a charity, community group or not-for-profit can follow the same process and invite their friends to use this site as their new search engine. Visitors to every branded website contribute when search marketing links are clicked.

GiveDo CEO Brian Menzies says: "Each day, millions of people perform dozens of internet searches. Now their searches can benefit worthy causes. It's as simple as aligning internet search revenue with needy charities."
The GiveDo product is launched today and will commence this week contacting charities for partnerships. Supporters of charities are invited to create their own search site by registering at

GiveDo makes it easy for everyone to support charities everyday. Founded in 2009, GiveDo harnesses the power Google search to drive advertising revenues to charities. For further information, please contact CEO Brian Menzies on +61 410 631 833 or moc.odevig|seiznem.nairb#moc.odevig|seiznem.nairb



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