Find My Local


Find My Local

Find My Local is the newest business directory to join the thousands already operating in Australia.

However, unlike other directories, Find My Local has a number of unique features:

  • There are no ads
  • There are no premium listings
  • There are no free listings
  • plus many more…

Find My Local has been developed to assist the small business market which has been largely ignored by current directories.

We offer a number of capabilities that other directories don't:

  • Filterable results to improve search relevancy
  • A streamlined database design that improves usability
  • A unique financial model that allows us to target small businesses
  • Plus More… (contact us for the rest)

We are currently testing our system on the Central Coast of NSW. Once this has proved successful we will begin to expand our services to other regions.

We are currently seeking investment to increase our marketing efforts and then to expand into other regions.



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