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Dialogix is a tool that shows exactly what is being said about a brand, industry or competitors, capturing dialogue from a range of social media applications, including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, forums and more. Track sentiment, create a database of key influencers and keep on top of the buzz.

Never miss another conversation about your brand - Dialogix monitors the entire social media spectrum, as well as most newspaper, TC and news websites around the world with a focus on Australian content. Dialogix is also available to agencies, so you can offer Dialogix to your clients with your own branding with generous re-seller packages available.

Dialogix monitors the entire social media spectrum, as well as most newspaper, TV and news websites in the world, with a particular focus on Australian websites. In fact, no other social media monitoring tool delivers Australian-specific content as well as Dialogix, whether it's comments on news articles from Australian publications, or people Twittering from our shores, there's almost no corner of the user-generated web it doesn't reach. Find virtually EVERY news article, comment, blog post, Tweet, YouTube video, forum post and more with ease and be confident you're not missing a thing. And unlike other tools, there are no limits on data for any of our plans and no limits to the amount of users who can access the system.

Find Key Online Influencers

  • Want to invite your top 10 fans to your next product development meeting?
  • Want to give away 20 tickets to your corporate box?
  • Need extras for your next TVC?
  • Holding a VIP event and want to show love to your 200 top online brand ambassadors?

They're all at your fingertips. No other social media monitoring tool allows you to create an online database of key influencers and rank their social authority quite like this…

Powerful Analytics

View detailed charts on dialogue sentiment, volume, influencer numbers and see how many fans, hecklers and crowd-members your brand has. Find people by country, state and even suburb. Compare news media volume to social media sentiment and much MUCH more…



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