Cycle My City



Cycle My City is a social cycling website primarily offering cyclists the tools to create, promote/share, find and participate in group rides and events, and to track, record and share their cycling.

Cycling events are created to include route maps, elevation profiles and discussion threads, and offer event administrators the tools to communicate with group members and ride participants, create event series and create multiple concurrent groups (for example, differentiated by pace) for rides.

Individuals can search for, and join cycling groups and events/rides, which may be public or private, and also record their cycling performance, upload it and review/share improvements. Cyclists can also transmit their location in real time to other cycling friends and family, which is great for safety and also for catching up with friends or if they have missed the start of a group ride.

Cycle My City is Adelaide based and was founded in 2011 by Matthew Hender, a keen cyclist and former member of the management committee of Western Australia's NRS cycling team.

Cycle My City also incorporates Cycle My City Rewards, a platform providing bike shops with the technology to offer their customers a cycle specific customer loyalty program. For more details, contact Matthew or visit Cycle My City Rewards.



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