Cow Command


Cow Command is an online shopping platform offering internet solutions to store owners.

With the Cow Command eCommerce platform, store owners and sellers get:

  • Search engine optimisation built in
  • Continual feature updates
  • Secure transactions
  • Complimentary expert advice from online professionals and web developers with decades of experience.
  • Recommendations to help improve online sales.
  • Design friendly sites to suit your corporate image, target market or campaign.
  • Flexible, easy to use online software.
  • Comprehensive reporting for measuring and improving.
  • Best practice shopping experience for increased conversions

The bottom line? Cow Command is a great online selling solution for your business because our proactive approach helps you get to the top and stay there. E-commerce is our core business, and is designed specifically to get your business results.

You get a world class system with experienced web professionals constantly analysing your online effectiveness to ensure you're in front.

About the Organisation

Cow Command was founded in September 2008, by Bill Thomas, who identifed a lack of best practice, education and standards in eCommerce websites. A brand new system has been built from the ground up allowing retailers and wholesalers to easily market, and convert visitors to customers using continually refined techniques and metrics.

Bill has had 10 years experience in the website building industry, holding a qualification in Information Science at the University of Newcastle, and has continued professional development in security, best practice architecture and design, system analysis and development, and product development and management.



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