Customer Goal

To have a clean house to live in!

The Problem

I am/my housemate is not doing my/their chores and the house is falling into ruin.

The Solution

Constantly escalating reminders that make you really want to get the job done, because it only gets worse.

Boiler Plate

ChoreCop is a web application that sends reminder for chores that are required to be completed. It was founded during the 2009 Start Up Camp, held at The University of Melbourne by Gerard Deffenbaugh, Mathew McBride, Tom Rose, Jaque Qian, and Anshul Vijay.

Contact Info
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About Us
Nick Name: G-Money
Interests Outside of Chores: Throwing the good ole disc, eating food, and causing trouble
Most Memorable Roommate Experience: In first year, my roommate fell asleep slouching at his computer. His neck was touching the bottom of the chair. I left him there for an hour, I know, I know, I am a horrible person :>

Nick Name: Jaque “The Dancing Fiend”
Interests Outside of Chores: Laneway jazz and traveling
Most Memorable Roommate Experience: The wall between the bathroom and the bedroom is too thin…imagine what you can hear…

Nick Name: VJ
Interests Outside of Chores: Dancing, and day-dreaming
Most Memorable Roommate Experience: Snowboard trip, late night snoring by all of us…every now and then one of us would get up, and start a chain reaction of waking others up so that he could go to sleep.

Nickname: Tommy
Interests Outside of Chores: Cricket, Footy, Australian Lore, and Poker
Most Memorable Roommate Experience: One day, some goons completely flipped my room with my roommates. They took photos and completely reconstructed each little detail. They were cold and had no heart.

Nickname: Matt “I am too cool for a nickname”
Interests Outside of Chores: Interests Playing video games, TV, and not fine art
Most Memorable Roommate Experience: I never had one…yet…

Guerilla Marketing
Leverage development team's Facebook network
Spread the word via as many blogs as possible
Send out to our personal networks
Post on Gumtree and Craigslist in the Housing sections
Ring up the local radio station



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