Steve Hopkins is a graduate of the RMIT Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship program, recieving his degree after successfully starting up 6 ventures over the course of his degree. He is currently employed by World Vision Australia focusing on Innovation development within the organisation, evaluating various opportunities and business propositions across the a wide spectrum of opperating activites. He also freelances as an innovation consultant to various smaller organisations, and is a member of the Reach Out SHM marketing sub-committee. He can be found at his blog,

Pieter Peach has spent the last few years exploring the potential of the internet to help groups move effectively in the same direction. His interests have lead him to explore standards that will enable a more open future web. Past projects include chief editor and developer on, a site dedicated to the dissemination of educational content on trauma and orthopaedics to less resourced teaching centers. He believes the internet's true strengths lies in its ability to connect people with shared interests and goals, and faciliate the development of ideas around them to solve big problems, one step at a time.

John Sherwood is a software developer based in Melbourne, where he lives with his wife and two horrible cats. He holds a bachelor of Computing (Computer Science/Software Development) from Deakin university where he also did a thesis on Game Engines. Within a few years, he is looking at amassing enough AWESOME to start his own software development business.

His interests include: Video games, Cooking, Krav Maga, Gardening, Toothpicks, Blacksmithing, Armchair anthropology/psychology, Unicycling, Sitting on a beach in Seychelles drinking Campari

Duncan Riley
Born in Sydney, Australia, Riley is a pioneer in Australian politics
on the internet, creating the first website for a political party
branch in Australia in 1995, and going on later that year to write the
now defunct Australian Conservative Politics portal, the first
conservative aggregate political site in Australia.

In 1999, he designed and ran the website Young Australians Against
this Republic, in conjunction with a number of political and social
groups within Australia.

In 2002, he launched The Blog Herald, the first blog dedicated to the
news of the then still small blogging world. The site went on to
become a Technorati Top 100 blog and covered major milestones in the
blogging industry, including the growth of Gawker Media and the
founding of Weblogs Inc. Riley sold the site in January 2006.

In 2005, he launched weblog network Weblog Empire, which later was
merged into blogging network b5media, a company founded by Riley along
with Bloggers Darren Rowse and Jeremy Wright. b5media took $2 million
in venture capital in 2006. In late 2006, Riley left b5media to pursue
personal projects.

In May 2008, Riley completed a 12 month stint as a writer at
TechCrunch, regarded as the bible of Web 2.0 and the second most
popular blog in the world according to Technorati, to launch The
Inquisitr, a blog that covers the web industry, with a does of
celebrity gossip and odd and fun stories on the side. As at October
2008, The Inquisitr is just outside the top 1000 blogs on the planet,
5 months after launching, and has seen well over 1 million visitors.

Sjors Provoost studied physics and sustainable development in The Netherlands,
but always had a strong interest in software development, which is
what he focusses on now. Who knows what he'll be working on next year
though, or where.

Jason Brownlee started his technical carrier as consultant in 2000 at Shine Technologies as a consultant involved Java and Enterprise Java solutions for corporate clients including FlyBuys, TRU Energy(formally TXU), and Sensis.

After 4 years at Shine Technologies, Jason left to pursue his interests in basic research, working towards his PhD in the filed of Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence. He completed his doctorate in 2008.

In mid 2008, Jason begin pursuing his web entrpernal asperations, founding such applications as and

Michael Specht currently runs his own consulting business, Inspecht, specialising in HR technology and the application of "Web 2.0" tools and techniques for companies of all sizes, called "Enterprise 2.0". He has worked in the HR technology industry in a multitude of roles ranging from software development, consulting and project management both in Australia and overseas. Michael has considerable expertise in the development and implementation of solutions to effectively manage people data, ranging from global ERP HR/Payroll systems to employee portals and social networks. He is a regular speak on HR technology for the Australian Human Resource Institute and has been involved in their HRIS Special Interest Group. In addition to writing this blog he actively participates in the conversation around Web 2.0, social software and the impact on organisations and management practices.

As an experienced project and change manager Michael has completed a Graduate Certificate in Technology Management, is a PRINCE2 Practitioner and Certified in the Principles of Change Management.

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