2Vouch - www.2vouch.com - is Social Recruiting company that uses the power of referrals to help companies and recruiters find great candidates who are hard to reach.

We deliver a pay-per-hire model - similar to most off-line contingency based recruiters - for a fraction of the cost. Members of the network - professionals who know others they can refer jobs to and/or may be looking for a job themselves - are paid cash rewards between $1,400-$2,800 when they make referrals that result in someone being hired. They can take the reward as cash or donate some or all of it to one of our charity partners.

The process is delivered via an automated online system called the JobGenie Referral Recruiting Engine which has been built by 2Vouch. The JobGenie manages the listing of job ads, automatically matches the job requirements to members & their networks and then tracks and manages the referral processes.

Members are able to promote opportunities to their social and professional networks directly by email and via a FaceBook application, blog badges and soon a LinkedIn application. This provides massive distribution of the job ad listings in places where qualified passive candidates will see them.

One of the unique features of the process is that the person who makes the referral is able to “vouch” for the candidate. Once someone shows an interest in a job, the referrer gets a notice from the system and is asked to vouch for the candidate. The referrer then adds their own comments on why they believe the candidate is a good fit for the job and these comments are passed on to the employer for review, along with the candidate’s CV/profile. This recommendation system provides employers and recruiters with a filtering mechanism that ensures the people who are referred to them are much more relevant than the ad response they would normally expect from a traditional online job board.

It is totally free for employers, recruiters and members to sign up. Just go to www.2vouch.com to get started.



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