PunchmyPhone Press Release

20 February 2010

PunchmyPhone: All your coffee loyalty cards in one place.

PunchmyPhone is an iphone app to consolidate coffee loyalty and improve loyalty card management for cafes and their customers.

For customers; PunchmyPhone offers a simple way to track how many drinks you’ve had at your favourite cafes, and how far away you are from a freebie!

For cafes; PunchmyPhone offers an intelligent alternative to paper based loyalty cards.

PunchmyPhone is easy to use for both customers and cafes and the process will take no longer than traditional stamping, punching or scribbling with a ball point.

Dylan Jay (Founder and Chief Boss Man at Fix5) says:
“PunchmyCard will revolutionise coffee loyalty schemes, replacing a myriad of paper cards with a single application”

Bart Tjoos (CEO of Tjoos.com) says:
“Loyalty cards never work for me because I lose them or forget to go back to a cafe, with PunchmyPhone, I won’t lose my accrued points and I’ll be encouraged to be loyal!”

Founded at Startup Camp Sydney, sponsored by ATP innovations, over a weekend in February 2010, PunchmyPhone is brought to you by Fix5, a team comprised of six startup junkies who love coffee, but tend to lose loyalty cards. PunchmyPhone is now looking for cafes and customers for beta testing starting next week.

Contact details
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Tristan Knowles, moc.enohpymhcnup|emiteeffoc#moc.enohpymhcnup|emiteeffoc, 0422 902 872


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