Nicholas Ross

Nicholas Ross is a passionate Melbourne based entrepreneur. He is the co-founder behind

Mudboard is a leading community platform that has been designed to celebrate originality, share untested ideas, and enable people to ‘hang up’ their creativity for the world to see. It is where you can create, upload, review, share, link, manage and publish all your creative arts like video, music, images, photos and documents. Kind of like YouTube and Scribd, but for the creative arts.

For the last three years the dynamic team behind Mudboard have been working hard to build up and optimise their online community platform. After a Beta-phase in which they tested various new features, they are now building new partnerships and additional functionality to support their global launch later this year.

  • Looking for inspiration?
  • Looking for a creative partner?
  • Looking for an audience?

Then visit Mudboard and share your creativity with the rest of the world!

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