Mike Minutillo

My name is Mike Minutillo but I tend to lurk around the internet under
the title of Wolfbyte. I'm married with 3 kids and I've just purchased
my first house.

I was born in Rockingham, Western Australia in 1979.

When I was nine I got a copy of The Hobbit for my birthday and
suddenly became obsessed with reading (I hated it before this). It
took me a year to read that the first time, following which I read The
Lord of the Rings (including appendices) in 27 days (I counted). I
have not stopped reading since.

Some time around then my parents caved and bought me an Amstrad CPC
6128 computer. After two weeks I discovered type-ins in the back of
the manual and I have been hooked on programming ever since.

I spent 10 years in and out of tertiary institutions and finally
achieved a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2006. I am now a
team leader/consultant in the Web Solutions Centre of Fujitsu
Australia and I am the chief librarian for the Perth .NET Community of

I sometimes write about .NET (or Ruby as the fancy takes me) at my
blog http://wolfbyte-net.blogspot.com/ but it's been so long since I
regularly updated it's embarrassing. I also write a weekly web-comic
at http://matom.wordpress.com/

I have a twitter account at http://twitter.com/wolfbyte but as my work
blocked twitter I'm hardly ever on.

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