Mike Boyd

Mike Boyd is an ambitious young entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia.

From a young age I could never understand the practice of conformity that I saw all around me.

Go to school, then to University, onto a Job and a 30 Year career in a cubicle, and finally retirement to do what you love.

That just seemed backwards to me. I didn’t feel like that was the right way to approach life.

As a result, I have always strived to be different. To be unique. To cut my own path through life.

Starting my first business at age 11 selling lost golf balls, I made a whopping $32.50 profit and have never looked back.

In recent years I’ve gone on to found an Aquarium Servicing business, a Party Hire company, a Digital Marketing Consultancy and The Hive Brisbane.

I’m now bootstrapping a new coffee startup while doing some work with the genius’s at Appetite Group.

Rebellious by nature, I insist on finding a different and more interesting way of living life, having fun and of course, changing the world!

I’m always working on something new and interesting, you can keep up with me at Mike Boyd or follow me on Twitter @MikeBoyd

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