Michael Bates

My War Story

I met Phil Morle on the other side of the Court Room in one of Australia's biggest Intellectual Property Legal Cases - Yes - the Kazaa matter.

I was an Expert witness (technology) in the case. I suspect that, like Phil, we just loved technology!

After Kazaa I found that I had had enough of the big law firm environment and went out and founded my own firm to work with technologists, inventors and occasionally, the nicely mad (of which there were not enough of in the big law firm)!

Our firm is 1 Place - which is a boutique firm only 3 years old - we have 3 principals from big firm environments - we are patent + trade mark attorneys & we are all also solicitors.

We specialise only in intellectual property solutions.

If you need help, then let us know!

W http://1p.com.au

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