Geoff McQueen

** Have done **
After studying Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Wollongong in the late 90's, I dropped out and started Internetrix in the shadows of the dot com crash in 2000. Have grown the web dev and app dev business organically over the last 8 years.

In late 2005, I joined up with a former uni colleague, Nik Cubrilovic, and co-founded Omnidrive. Internetrix incubated and bootstrapped the business until early 2006, when interest from VC's in the valley had us head out to the US. I stayed on and off for 3 months, before deciding I needed to focus on Internetrix, after which I became a silent partner in Omnidrive.

** Am doing **
Am currently managing director of two companies: Internetrix and its new spin-off applications cousin, Hiive Systems.

The last few years have been really strong for Internetrix, which has grown into a full service online marketing business. We're the only Google's Technology Partners (for the website optimizer product) outside of North America, and we're one of a handful of partner companies in Google Analytics down under. It probably won't impress many at the sharp end of new Web 2.0 technology, but it works pretty well for many clients who are still getting the hang of Web 1.0.

Initially developed as an internal client and task management platform for Internetrix, our Affinity and Gravity products had grown in features and quality over the years until they were running the operations of many service-focused, including Government departments and publically listed companies. Recognising that service management products and expert online marketing solutions were a bit too big to live under the same name in a small company, I decided to spin-out the applications business into Hiive Systems, which launched in late 2008.

** Where to **
The challenge from here is to support the continued growth of Internetrix, in the hands of its management team, with the demands of bootstrapping and growing a start-up in a fairly competitive landscape of web-based tools solutions for client service and task management.

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