Jorge Albinagorta Digital Reach
Andy Longworth Zenshifts Rostering
Erik Andersson Favlog
Rob Antulov 3eep SportsPassion
Ashod Apakian Blog MeBeam iconDial
Pete Argent The Coder Factory
Linas Australija Linas Australijoje


Adam Barnett P2P Volunteering
Michael Bates 1 Place Patents TM & IP Law
Duncan Bennet []
Dave Birchall Outsourced engineering teams
Andrew Birt - Melbourne Entrepreneur, MEI
Elias Bizannes []
Angela Beesley Starling Wikia
Steve Brady CRE8BIZ - Creating Businesses
Matt Balara
Andrew Ballard MyPerfect
Lee Butts Refactor
Mike Boyd Mike Boyd - Brisbane Entrepreneur


Scott Carpenter Invoiceplace
Chris Carpenter Digital Carpenter
Frederic Chanut Digital Marketing Tools
Es Chandra Digital Marketing for Startups and Crowdfunding
Chor Cheah P2P Volunteering
Benjamin Chong Right Click Capital Founder Institute Sydney
Pete Cooper Cooper Sydney
Michael Costin SEO Consultant
Michael Cindric Sentia Australia Pty Ltd


Daniel Duckworth founder of ServiceCrowd
Mark Daku
Steve Dalton Gold Coast Tech Community Guy, founder of Gold Coast TechSpace
Ross Dawson Various
Mark Demicoli - Automated Appointment Scheduling for Small business
Koumei Deng Web developer's great stuff on open source and website development
Richard Davis [Mathematical Modelling/Software Development. Contact moc.liamtoh|sivadair#moc.liamtoh|sivadair ]
Adel Demian Agile SEO
Michael Dovey - Australian events, things to do and what's on
Patrick Driessen Seed Accelerator
Gerard Doyle
Patrick Driessen Seed Accelerator
Deon de Saldanhariessen Seed Accelerator
Curtley Dobson Trojan Pool Services


Megan Elliott X|Media|Lab
Myles Eftos
Stephen Esketzis Stephen Esketzis Online Internet Marketer | @stephenesk
Phil Evans Evanscorp | Remunerate | @pmke
Geoff Evason Blog MomentVille


Rob Fitzpatrick NICTA
Todd Forest Tasman Ventures
Steven Fraser Nightscope
Adam Franklin Founder & Marketing Manager at Bluewire Media


Andy Gelme Geekscape: Systems for the Connected World


Nic Hodges
Nick Holmes à Court
Ed Hooper Co-founder OmnyStudio and Startup Galaxy
Scott Handsaker Eventarc


Andy Jamieson CEO - Switched on Media
Leighton Jenkins tJP - Marketing & Business Plans and Execution
Andrew Jessup - CTO of a Sydney Startup
Alan Jones Doing Words - Startup Services
Paul Jones
Blake Jakopovic []
Toby Jenkins - Founder & CEO at Bluewire Media


Andrew Keir Melbourne graphic designer
Jessica Kumanovski Melbourne Lifestyle Blogger and Digital Strategist


Tristen Langley Southern Cross Venture Partners - Early/Expansion capital
De Lim Aperture Studios Melbourne
Mick Liubinskas Pollenizer - Startup Services
Charles Lindop - Advisory Work
Kurt Lingohr Humazing - World Records for the People
James Little
Patrik Layant Blindoptimists - building social network marketplace
Anthony Lam Punchy Digital Media
Julien Lamy App developers Melbourne App developers Sydney


Roman Mandryk NodeVision - Web application development
Monika Markgraf Lee Young Entrepreneur
David Morrison Juno Interactive
Geoff McQueen Hiive Systems | Internetrix | Blog | @geoffmcqueen
Ray McHale Valuiza - Maximising business value
Brian Menzies
Vernon Meyer Streetfolio - simple property management
Mike Minutillo
Phil Morle Pollenizer - Startup Services
Macquarie Technology Business Incubator] []
Aulay Macaulay Marvel Internet Group | JustRosters
Donnie Maclurcan Project Australia - Social Innovation
Kyle McGinty Emerging Technology HR Consulting Services


Ash Nilkanth Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor, Programmer, Blogger
Alex North Posse, ex-Google


Cinnamon Pollard Digital Startup Consultant
Egor Pervuninski Eneset Group
Graham Peters Dog Beds
Kath Purkis Kath Purkis


Nicholas Ross
Rui Rodrigues Tank Stream Ventures


Chris Saad
James Simpson SolveXia Online Process Automation
Jason Stirk
Rob Sharp
Maxim Shklyar :: kisla interactive , XIML
Phaedon Stough Emerging Technology HR Consulting Services
Andrew Simms
Lance Scott 1 Place Patents TM & IP Law
Jimmy Storrier Juno Interactive


Benjamin Ranck ChatterSpike All Over Geo
Joseph Renzi
Rocket Lab Sydney & Melbourne Mobile app development


Collis Ta'eed Founder Envato
Julian Tol Founder Brandscreen
Aman Talwar SEO Consultant
Oliver Treadwell


Jason Upton Digital Marketing


Garry Visontay []


Pete Williams []
Jed White Entrepreneur
Ben Wilks SEO Consultant
Hendro Wijaya Moluko - bring social innovation to traditional e-commerce
Simon van Wyk []
Michelle Fragar Brandit Marketing


Kelvin Yip Founder Grass Digital - Building web platforms in social media, e-commerce and search engine


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