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Imaginarrative Ltd was launched in 2012. We produce cross platform web applications designed to be played and integrated through social networking. We have a diverse and innovative team with a wide range of specialties in various fields.

Our Application - Imaginarrative

Imaginarrative is a collaborative word based game played through social networking. Each user is given a story box in which to contribute one line to a short story, before it is passed to the next user. At the commencement of their turn, each user can see only one previous line in the story. At the games conclusion, the full collaborative story is then revealed.

Press Release

Imaginarrative – The new word based web game set to go viral
The much anticipated Imaginarrative application will be launched on 6th of May 2012 in Canberra. Imaginarrative is the brainchild of 6 young creative entrepreneurs, Sahan Abeyasinghe, Lachlan Potts, Joan Deguerre, Edwin Tetlow, Jeffrey Truong and John Markovic.
Imaginarrative, plays on the success of other social networking games such as “Words with Friends”, and “Draw Something". Each user is given a story box in which to contribute one sentence to a short story and each user can see only one previous line in the story. At the end of the game, users then discover how the full collaborative story reveals itself.

The development team have prototypes well under way, paying particular attention to the userbility of the app, as well as it's design and layout.

The application will be launched via facebook and then spread through word of mouth buzz. This will allow users to play the game and recommend it to their friends.

Marketing Spiel

Play the free version Imaginarrative! Write a story with friends, about anything you choose, one line at a time. See how the story progresses and develops through the collaborative effort of multiple users. Write out a line, then pass it on. It's that simple!

Imaginarrative Ltd. Contact Information:

Lachlan Potts
Project Manager (Key Contact)

Lachlan is a fourth year Law/Commerce student at the Australian National University. He’s passionate about technology culture, reflected in the extensive range of apps downloaded on his iPhone.

E-mail: moc.evitarranigami|eikcol#moc.evitarranigami|eikcol

Joan Deguerre
Business Director

Joan studied Advertising and Marketing Communication/International Studies at the University of Canberra. She’s interested in learning about technology and Internet stuff. Her passions include traveling, eating and sleeping into the late afternoon.

E-mail: moc.evitarranigami|naoj#moc.evitarranigami|naoj

Edwin Tetlow
Marketing / Creative Director

Edwin studied Advertising and Marketing Communication at the University of Canberra. He works as a marketing consultant at PocketWaiter, an up-and-coming app on the Canberra market. He wears Jeff Banks glasses and has a sweet bike, which he rides to the countryside on weekends when he doesn’t have uni or work

E-mail: moc.evitarranigami|niwde#moc.evitarranigami|niwde**

Sahan Abeyesinghe
Head Developer

Sahan is a fourth year Software Engineering student at the Australian National University. He enjoys carpooling, long walks on the beach and dreams of visiting the United Kingdom one day in the future.

E-mail: moc.evitaranigami|nahas#moc.evitaranigami|nahas

John Markovic
Front-End Developer

John is a second year Information Technology student at the University of Canberra, he works full-time at Coles Express, balancing work with full-time study. His passions include, programming, drumming and music. He wears black glasses

E-mail: moc.evitarranigami|nhoj#moc.evitarranigami|nhoj

Jeffrey Troun
Graphic Designer

Jeffrey is a first-year Industrial Design student at the University of Canberra. Jeffrey has a strong passion for Graphic Design and also enjoys photography, being outdoors and the colour red.

E-mail: moc.evitarranigami|yerffej#moc.evitarranigami|yerffej

Company Contact Information
Twitter: Imaginarrative

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