Growth Town 3


Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

5.45pm Open
6.00pm Start
8.00pm Finish sessions, hang around to chat.

Anchor Systems Office @anchorsystems
Level 4, 81 York Street, Sydney, NSW

Bring pen, paper, questions and a bottle of water.
Hopefully we'll have some drinks. Contact Mick if you'd like to sponsor.

Prize Time - Elevator FAIL

Elevator FAIL. Anyone who is wants to win stands up and has 30 seconds to tell a story of how you tried, failed and learned a good lesson. Winner is by crowd clapping and laughter. Get practicing.

One year subscription to Saasu Online Accounting Tool - Thanks guys!


6pm Sharp (don't be late!) - Welcome chat, why are we here, how we'll try and make it work.

6.10 - First session - Richard McGowan - using media to grow - why, when and how.

6.30 - Announcements - 30 seconds to talk about anything - good news, looking for people, events, ideas.

Then break to chat, eat, meet, ask, explore.

6.40 - Second session - Chris Hitchen - Growth Story - Building a business through partnerships.

7.00 - Elevator FAIL

Then break to chat, eat, meet, ask, explore.

7.10 - Workshops - break up in to groups to work, talk, argue about different things.

7.50 - Regroup, how did it go, changes next time, next event, any further announcements.

8pm - Head home or to somewhere to chat/eat further.


Click the 'Edit' button below and add your name below to RSVP if you are coming:

  1. Marcus Schappi , The Little Bird Company @littlebirdceo
  2. Mick Liubinskas, Pollenizer @liubinskas
  3. Ryan Cross, @ryancross
  4. Bart Jellema, Tjoos
  5. David Jones, ThreatMETRIX
  6. Jeremy LeBard, Booktagger
  7. Brian Menzies, NetStormer
  8. Phaedon Stough,
  9. Rai Tangler
  10. Ian Gardiner, Viocorp
  11. Chris Hitchen
  12. Jared Oken,
  13. Michael Zimmerman, Bondi Ventures
  14. Todd Forest,
  15. Kim Heras, TechNation Australia OneEyeDeer
  16. Rob Antulov, 3eep
  17. Paul Wallbank Department of State and Regional Development
  18. John Haining Michael Johnson Associates
  19. Michelle Gamble
  20. Anya Haywood
  21. David Vandenberg, The Lab / Wunderkind
  22. Dave Peterson, Medley Systems
  23. Hasnain Zaheer,
  24. Geoff McQueen, Hiive Systems, @geoffmcqueen
  25. Roger Kermode, Alimua
  26. Michael Bates, 1Place
  27. Lance Scott, 1Place
  28. Luke Metcalfe NationMaster @orchyluke
  29. Tom Foster, ThinkLeads ThinkTelemarketing @thinkleads
  30. Jack @pedzel
  31. Sally Mills [] [] []
  32. Hendro Wijaya Blindoptimists @hwijaya
  33. Kunal Bhatia
  34. Andrew Breen [] @breenandrew
  35. Andrew Rogers Anchor, @andrewjrogers
  36. Steven Noble, @steven_noble, Forrester Research
  37. Alan Jones, Pollenizer @bigyahu
  38. Dan Purchas, GradConnection @danpurchas
  39. Dave Jenkins, GradConnection @davejenkins
  40. Mike Casey, GradConnection @mikecasey
  41. Tracy Pendergast, Pentica PR [] @tracyatpentica
  42. Peter Crowe, Quotify @petercrowe
  43. Isabel Wagner, LEWIS PR @ Circe2001
  44. Niki Scevak, Homethinking @nikiscevak
  45. Cheryl Gledhill, Molt:n @cherylgledhill
  46. Scott Gledhill, Molt:n [http://www.twitter/gleddy]
  47. Lloyd Perry, TheFSE
  48. Belinda Cordina, []
  49. Drew []
  50. Mike Zimmerman, Bondi Ventures
  51. Amanda Gonzalez, Untangle the Web @untangle
  52. Jason Langenauer Constrex @jasonlangenauer
  53. Nick Gonios
  54. Kyle McGinty
  55. Max Soe @maxsoe
  56. David Dennings []
  57. Matt Jones, social alchemy ua.moc.ymehclalaicos|senoj.ttam#ua.moc.ymehclalaicos|senoj.ttam
  58. Matt Freedman Sticky Tickets @matt_freedman
  59. Chris Carpenter Doculicious Digital Carpenter
  60. David Safarik
  61. Rajiv Jacob []
  62. Sara Jacob []
  63. Steve Watson
  64. Jeff Estok
  65. Max Kraynov Mobile Messenger
  66. Aditya Bates m-Objects
  67. Mark Burch
  68. Anthony Sochan []
  69. Fabio Bastian
  70. Shaon Diwakar FunkHQ @shaond
  71. James Rabey
  72. Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli Social Whims @aymericg
  73. Andrew McCombie Cornerstone Consulting
  74. Tomer Hasson PC Tools
  75. Nicholas Hamilton
  76. Paul Berkovic
  77. Ian Cumming Travellr
  78. @nickhac BuzzNumbers
  79. David Keane BigTinCan
  80. Piotr Kowalik []
  81. Corneliu I. Tusnea Social Whims @corneliu
  82. Oliver Maruda Pollenizer @marcooda
  83. Michelle Rowan SportsPassion
  84. Wayne Butcher [Paper Free]
  85. Pete Cooper, Cooper Sydney @pc0
  86. Steve Orleow
  87. Adrian Makohon @a_makohon
  88. Robert Kinkade mdretail @RobertKinkade
  89. Glenn Vassallo
  90. Graham Dawson []
  91. Tao van de Graaff PricewaterhouseCoopers @taovdg
  92. Hasnain Zaheer Web Business Age
  93. Liam Connolly airdaq


Please add topics you'd like to discuss in the group, break-out sessions. Put your name with a topic if you'd also like to talk about that.

Breakout Idea: Review of Aussie startup success/fail
I am not sure if this is a good idea or too sensitive but I would be interested to whiteboard what were the factors for success or inertia for the companies listed in this link (written in 2006).
Is there anything that can be learned and adopted or avoided.

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