Growth Town 2


Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Atlassian office, 173-185 Sussex Street (Thanks Mike and Scott!)
Bring pen, paper, questions and a bottle of water.
If you want, please bring some snacks and/or drinks to share. There will be no cutlery, plates or napkins, so finger food is best. And make sure we clean up. Last time Atlassian sponsored some drinks (ding!).

Prize Time

The great guys from Good Barry have put up a prize of a six months subscription to their website, email and customer management tool, as a Growth Town prize. To decide who wins we're trying a new idea - Elevator FAIL. Anyone who is wants to win stands up and has 30 seconds to tell a story of how you tried, failed and learned a good lesson. Winner is by crowd clapping and laughter. Get practicing.


6pm Sharp (don't be late!) - Welcome chat, why are we here, how we'll try and make it work.

6.10 - First session - Growing your small business big with mergers and acquisitions - Paul Hauck

6.30 - Announcements NEW - 30 seconds to talk about anything - good news, looking for people, events, ideas.

Then break to chat, eat, meet, ask, explore.

6.40 - Second session - Balancing focus and flexibility as you grow - Kate Carruthers

7.00 - Elevator FAIL (see prize time above)

Then break to chat, eat, meet, ask, explore.

7.10 - Workshops - break up in to groups to work, talk, argue about different things.

7.50 - Regroup, how did it go, changes next time, next event, any further announcements.

8pm - Head home or to somewhere to chat/eat further.


Click the 'Edit' button below and add your name below to RSVP if you are coming:

  1. Mick Liubinskas, Pollenizer
  2. Ryan Cross, Ryan Cross Consulting
  3. Derek Clapham, PhotoMerchant
  4. Kain Tietzel, PhotoMerchant
  5. Bart Jellema, Tjoos
  6. David Jones, ThreatMETRIX
  7. Roger Kermode, Alimua
  8. Pete Cooper, Cooper Sydney
  9. Jeremy LeBard, Booktagger
  10. Brian Menzies, NetStormer
  11. Hendro Wijaya, Blindoptimists
  12. Jeremy Crooks, vstores/Virtual Store Group
  13. Samantha Leith, Some Kind Of Bliss
  14. Josephine Inge, 1 Place Patent Attorneys+Solicitors
  15. Lance Scott, 1 Place Patent Attorneys+Solicitors
  16. Phaedon Stough,
  17. Rai Tangler
  18. NickHac
  19. Kate Carruthers
  20. Ian Gardiner, Viocorp
  21. Chris Hitchen
  22. Jared Oken,
  23. Michael Zimmerman, Bondi Ventures
  24. Alister Coleman, A.G.Coleman & Co - Corporate Strategy and Finance
  25. Deniss Sudak
  26. Brett Welch, GoodBarry
  27. Todd Forest,
  28. Kristin Nystrom Rohan, [
  29. Kim Heras, TechNation Australia OneEyeDeer
  30. Daniel Reyes, Fox Interactive Media
  31. Rob Antulov, 3eep
  32. Richard Atkinson
  33. Chris Walker, March Digital
  34. Ben Grubb, Tech Wired []
  35. Niki Scevak Homethinking
  36. Geoff McQueen Hiive Systems
  37. Alan Jones Doing Words
  38. Graham Dawson Ajnaware
  39. Paul Wallbank Department of State and Regional Development
  40. Fabio Bastian
  41. Clay Cook ineedhits & Minti
  42. Warren Duff ineedhits
  43. Abid Ali BloomIT Consulting
  44. JackP
  45. Chris Carpenter Doculicious
  46. Tao van de Graaff PricewaterhouseCoopers
  47. Aditya Bates, m-Objects
  48. Andre Guichon ICT Strategic Services
  49. Paul D Hauck ICT Strategic Services
  50. David Peterson, Medley Systems
  51. Xuanyi Chew, Pressyo
  52. John Haining Michael Johnson Associates
  53. Anthony Moss
  54. Rami Weiss Boomerater
  55. Simon Burke, IPscape
  56. Ian Cumming, Travellr
  57. Peter Gray - ATS []
  58. David Dennings - Photo Art Gallery
  59. Kyle McGinty -[]
  60. Ross Dawson -[]
  61. Stephen McGillen
  62. Sunil Jain
  63. Michael Harries, Citrix
  64. Michael Bates, 1 Place Patent Attorneys+Solicitors
  65. Steven Hasani, NetLeverage
  66. Owen Matheson,
  67. Dave Neale, Play Kami
  68. Nicholas Hamilton
  69. George Condoleon
  70. Virginia Choy PretaWeb []
  71. Dylan Jay IntroVino/PretaWeb
  72. Thomas Roets McKinsey & Co (for now)
  73. Kylie Little
  74. Chris Robinson, Webrecs
  75. Andrew Tucker, CustomWare []
  76. Gilad Greenbaum, Hannover Fairs Australia
  77. Joseph Renzi


Please add topics you'd like to discuss in the group, break-out sessions. Put your name with a topic if you'd also like to talk about that.

Using case studies to generate sales - Mick Liubinskas

Votes: 3

Building More Trust for SaaS in the Enterprise - Fabio Bastian

Votes: 3

Balancing Focus and Flexibility - Kate Carruthers

Votes: 4

Mergers and Acquisitions to Grow - Paul Hauck

Votes: 5

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