Growth Town 1


First - if you want, please bring some snacks and/or drinks to share. Great idea Rai! There will be no cutlery, plates or napkins, so finger food is best. And make sure we clean up.

Secondly, here is the structure we're going to roadtest;

6pm Sharp (don't be late!) - Welcome chat, why are we here, how we'll try and make it work.

6.10 - First session - Mike Nicholls - Getting Traction, Fast.

6.30 - Break to chat, eat, meet, ask, explore.

6.40 - Second session - David Jones - Going Global - biz dev, partnerships, flip-up from pty to inc
Presentation now at:

7.00 - Break to chat, eat, meet, ask, explore.

7.10 - Workshops - break up in to groups to work, talk, argue about different things.

7.45 - Regroup, how did it go, changes next time, next catch up (first Wednesday of month?)

8pm - Head home or to somewhere to chat/eat further.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Atlassian office, 173-185 Sussex Street (Thanks Mike and Scott!)
Bring pen, paper, questions and a bottle of water.
No food. Keeping it simple.

Edit and add your name below to RSVP if you are coming:

  1. Mick Liubinskas, Pollenizer
  2. Bart Jellema, Tjoos
  3. Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian
  4. Mike Nicholls
  5. Kim Heras, OneEyeDeer, TechNation Australia, Open Coffee Sydney
  6. Tristen Langley, Southern Cross Venture Partners
  7. David Jones, ThreatMETRIX
  8. Brian Menzies, NetStormer
  9. Geoff McQueen, Hiive Systems
  10. Martin Duursma, Citrix Systems Inc
  11. Jack Pedzik, HKPS
  12. Kim Chen, Tjoos
  13. Jeremy LeBard, Booktagger
  14. Rex Chung, Ankoder
  15. Derek Clapham, PhotoMerchant
  16. Kain Tietzel, PhotoMerchant
  17. Robert Castaneda CustomWare
  18. Rai Tangler
  19. Tyrone Castillo
  20. Tom Voirol, voirol consulting
  21. Todd Forest, Tasman Ventures
  22. Ben Richardson, Freshview
  23. Dave Greiner, Freshview
  24. Geoff Evason, MomentVille
  25. David Vandenberg, The Lab
  26. Ryan Cross, Ryan Cross Consulting
  27. Michael Harries, Citrix Systems
  28. David Dennings, Ph.Art
  29. John Haining, Michael Johnson Associates
  30. Hendro Wijaya, blindoptimists
  31. Ian Gardiner, Viocorp
  32. Mike Casey, GradConnection
  33. Nicholas Hamilton
  34. Alan Jones, Pollenizer
  35. Mitchell Harper, Interspire
  36. Chris Walker, March Digital
  37. Gary Brewer, BuiltWith
  38. Peter Crowe, Quotify
  39. Ian Cumming, Travellr
  40. Sara Cohen
  41. Peter Hall, Salt Mobile
  42. Richard Hayes Carbon Free Solutions Ltd
  43. Dave Peterson, Medley Systems
  44. Pete Cooper, Cooper Sydney
  45. Tarun Philip, Tickit Systems
  46. Kim Wilson, Tickit Systems
  47. Hanno Blankenstein, Pocket Life
  48. Paul McCarney
  49. Aditya Bates
  50. Paul Middleton,
  51. Samuel Yeats, UltraServe Managed Hosting
  52. Jo Patterson
  53. Ben Leslie Open Kernel Labs
  54. Rand Leeb-du Toit Metarand
  55. Nick Holmes a Court BuzzNumbers
  56. Phaedon Stough Mitchel Lake
  57. Michael Watkins Mudo Media
  58. Rob Fitzpatrick NICTA
  59. Brad Down BeamMe
  60. Dave Birchall Solentive
  61. Owen Matheson WholesaleInvestor
  62. Chris Hitchen, CEO Getprice
  63. Jared Oken, CIO Getprice
  64. Steven Noble, Forrester Research
  65. Kevin Garber
  66. Tao van de Graaff PricewaterhouseCoopers
  67. Steven Maarbani PricewaterhouseCoopers
  68. Brendon Hewlett, Ensure Enterprises
  69. Tim Parsons, Spark, Mobile Monday Sydney, MEGA NSW
  70. Roger Kermode, Alimua
  71. Matthew Joyce, Wang Films
  72. Julian Tol, Brandscreen
  73. Tom Davies, netus
  74. Brett Raven, Solentive Software Development
  75. Mike Zimmerman
  76. Hasnain Zaheer []
  77. Andre Guichon, ICT Strategic Services
  78. Andrew Blunden Part Time Professionals
  79. Tom Foster Think Originate
  80. Fabio Bastian
  81. Johnson Lin imeepo
  82. Weir Ying imeepo
  83. Annie Lin imeepo
  84. Mark Richards, Accede Capital, LugIron
  85. Jason Brady, Double the Fun
  86. Ryan Turner, Webation
  87. Gary Jones, Innovest Capital, Newport Capital, SpeedAlert
  88. David Banes Cleartext
  89. Linda Marlin Wang Films
  90. Clive Hubbard, Solentive Software Development
  91. Andrew Corbett-Jones, UK Global Entrepreneur Programme
  92. Macus Eddy C9 Software Development
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