Growth Town

Growth Town has moved

Growth Town is an open community. We hold monthly gatherings to help entrepreneurs who have already started, grow better businesses.

The aim is to bring those with experience executing (successfully and not) together with those who have started and are growing, but lack the advisors and mentors to learn faster.

This is NOT about starting. This is about growing.

The event will be very simple and free flowing. Those with experience will offer to talk about various subjects and the entrepreneurs can gather around, listen and wander around as they want to.

Why not setup a Growth Town event in your home city? Ping me for help.

Topics - add topics you want to hear about or talk about here.

Structure - a rough guide to the structure we use.

Growth Town Meetings - Sydney

  1. Growth Town 1 - Wed March 4, 2009 - Done - who RSVP'd, and who spoke about what.
  2. Growth Town 2 - Wed April 1, 2009 - Done - for April (family, friends and) Fools Day.
  3. Growth Town 3 - Tue May 26, 2009 - Done -two more big speakers.
  4. Visit to register for GrowthTown 4


Ding is something to yell out during Growth Town events to show that what is being said is interesting, awesome, relevant. Ding away.

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