There are lots of ways to get funding in Australia. It all depends on what you're doing and how much you need.

Seed Funding

How much? $10,000 to $100,000
What for? Building a case for the concept.

If you've got a great idea and the passion and ability to make it happen, then it's time to raise some money to get it started or to start to prove the concept. Then you need to write a plan, write a pitch and then pitch it at least 50 times to anyone who'll listen (don't be scared to tell other people everything).

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How much? $100,000 to $250,000
What for? Building the concept to Beta.

If you've got a great idea but don't have the resources to take to a level for Angel Funding or Venture Capitalists then Incubation could well be the right step. With a true incubation programme you're given everything from a desk and computer to the full infrastructure of an established business whilst also earning a salary to develop your idea.

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Angel Funding

How much? $100,000 to $2,000,000
What for? Hitting a success point - a critical mass of users or a reasonable revenue per month amount.

Once you've proven the concept, or built a solid prototype, or even better started making a bit of revenue, then you can go to professional angel investors. Google search for angel investor networks or see the link below.

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IP Securitisation

How much? percentage of future royalties pulled forward
What for? As alternative to expansion capital (with resulting equity dilution), can be used as short-term booster for marketing campaigns or providing liquidity for an early investor/co-founder buyout. As a debt instrument, there are specific legal requirements but typically reduces the cost of capital.

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Venture Capital

How much? $2,000,000
What for? Growing your already successful business.

VC's are not big risk takers. They are more like banks that take equity for money, than they are like gamblers who want to risk it all. You can start building a relationship with them early, but don't expect cash unless you have paying customers, 200,000 registered users or are an entrepreneur who has done it before. (Or of course, a hardware or biotech product).

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Crowd Funding

How Much? $3,000 to $30,000
What for? Early stage seed capital

Filling the gap at the bottom of the fundng ladder, crowd funding offers startups and SMEs funding in a quick and relatively accessible manner, without having to repay loans or give away euqity in the venture or idea. This is one of the fastest growing forms of e-commerce on the planet, and with sites like [], funding is made simple and effective as project creators list projects which they put out to their networks (and beyond) for them to pledge support.

Being Funded

People don't invest in you because they are rich and like to help. They are doing it because they want a return. They may want to be involved in a hot new project, but not if it's going to fail. Also, don't expect that because you had the idea, you deserve to get millions and only give up 1% of your company. Always think of it that you have to give up a piece to make the pie bigger.

Valuing Your Startup

Contacts for Funding

Here is a list of contacts or groups that fund startups. This is NOT an exhaustive list by any means. However, please feel free to add or adapt the list so that others can use it as well.

Contacts to Get Funded

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