All about the Frendorsed team

Anthony Mills
Also known as T-Bone, the T-Meister, Ant, and on one very unfortunate occasion, The guy with Ants in his Pants. Having come from a background of coding, it’s said that Anthony learnt the art of PHP from a tribe of highly intelligent and very religious chimpanzees in the Amazon rainforest. He turned this vast knowledge into the very successful which is now responsible for over 10,000 unplanned pregnancies and counting.

Sherman Lo
Always Sherman, and never the Sherminator; he is known for being the only human in the southern hemisphere to be able to speak at over 280 words per minute (once causing a court scribe serious injury to her fingers). Even more impressive is his ability code PHP at a speed that rivals even a caffeine induced cheetah.

Ryan Cross
A man of numerous talents, many words, and two pairs of pants, Ryan “PHP is my middle name” Cross is known for constantly battling with his parents as to why they gave him the middle name “PHP”. The one-man silicon valley is a beacon of entrepreneurship to enterprising lemonade-stand owners across the land.

Damian Damjanovski
A man of one long name, but few nicknames, Damian is known for his complete lack of knowledge of how to code. He once mistook .NET for PHP and caused uproar at the local nerd-watering whole. What he lacks in development skillz he makes up for in girth, oh, and some kind of understanding of marketing.

Sasha Kuperov
Known to some as the Sash-Man, and to his enemies as “that guy who threatened me in 12 languages” Sasha brings a level of raw efficiency to every aspect of his life, as is evidenced by his insistence that peeling bananas or any fruit before eating them is a total waste of time and effort. Exactly what he did before he showed up one faithful Friday is a mystery to all who dare wonder. It is rumoured he once created a killer robot from disposed cans of Cola, just so that he could defeat it with his bare hands.

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