BootUP Camp II announced

July 9th to 18th 2010

See the official website at for updated details!

Bootup Camp I

When was it?

July 11 - July 24 2009

Where was it?

ATP Innovations Pty Ltd
Suite 145, Level 1, National Innovation Centre
Australian Technology Park
4 Cornwallis Street
Eveleigh (Sydney) NSW 2015

What is BootUpCamp?

BootUpCamp is an intensive entrepreneurship workshop where participants will go from an idea to a fully operational web business in two weeks.

Participants apply as individuals and work in teams of two to four. You don't need to have an idea of what you want to build, teams will brainstorm ideas on the first day.

Each day the teams are given a deadline to work towards. These deadlines are things like "be ready to demonstrate your product by 6pm" or "have a press release and list of journalists to send it to by noon."

At the end of the two weeks you will:
- have experienced the thrill of starting a business without having to quit your job/drop out of school
- own a share of the business you have built
- have met and learned from some of the best entrepreneurial minds in Australia
- have made some good decisions and some bad ones; learned from them and moved on
- have worked hard and had a lot of fun

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Who are the organizers, what have they done?

The hosts of BootUpCamp are Bart Jellema, Kim Chen and Brian Menzies.

Bart Jellema is the co-founder Tjoos coupon shopping website based in Sydney and serving customers all over the world. He has also been the host of the first 3 StartupCamp's in Australia and the instigator of Startup Australia Wiki. Bart has been coding since he was 6 years old (but it's almost done).

Brian Menzies participated in ( and and helped organize the first two StartUp Camps in Sydney. Brian recently moved to Sydney from California where he founded and ran Factor R a sales consulting business. Originally a programmer, Brian received an MBA from Kellogg in 1998 with a major in Entrepreneurship and worked for many years as an IT and strategy consultant .

Kim Chen is the other co-founder of both Tjoos, and StartupCamp. Before moving to Australia Kim worked at Mckinsey & Co and Oracle in Silicon Valley. Kim is an alum of Stanford University where, amongst other things she was awarded a Mayfield fellowship (entrepreneurial internship).

What you will have to agree to?

- Have to attend all 14 days to be an owner of the business at the end (i.e. people who drop-out or skip sections of the event will lose their share of the business they were working on).
- 10% of the company that you create goes to BootUpCamp (to help fund future events)
- We will be filming part or all of the event, you will be required to sign a waiver consenting to being filmed
- There will also be some legal stuff about liability that you will have to sign
- All ideas expressed or contributed become property of the group (if you want it to be a secret don't bring it to camp)
- All rules will be applied at the organizers discretion, we reserve the right to change the rules at any time

What will happen during the week?

Here is a rough outline of the week
Day 1 - meet participants, brainstorm ideas, form into teams
Day 2 - build your business plan and plan development of the product
Day 3 - coding up the prototype
Day 4 - build a business around the product
Day 5 - product demo day
Day 6 - prepare the PR plan
Day 7 - business launch day
Day 8 - sales and marketing day
Day 9 - community day
Day 10 - go get some customers day
Day 11 - product refinement day
Day 12 - meet the press day
Day 13 - preparing to do deals
Day 14 - present to a panel of VC's

What a typical day might look like?

Arrive in for 9am all hands meeting to quickly review the progress and achievements from the previous day. A 20 minute seminar lead by an expert on the topic of today's focus (for example how to make a sales presentation). Then you and your team split up the tasks for the day and get to work. As you work on your tasks you may seek help from the organizers, experts or people from other teams. In the afternoon/night the teams will come back together again to present their work and share ideas.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for bright, energetic people with a love of the web and a desire to build something awesome. People with skills, ideas and passion to contribute.


Spots are limited and to secure your spot you have to apply. Send an email to moc.soojt|amellej.trab#moc.soojt|amellej.trab with the following details:

Phone number:
Web presence: (blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc)

1) Why do you want to go to BootUpCamp

2) Tell us about your technology skills and experience (what have you done, what have you made, what have you achieved)

3) Tell us about your business experience (what have you done, what have you made, what have you achieved)

4) What are you looking to get out of this event

5) Are you available to attend all 14 days from July 11th until July 24th (9AM - 9PM or later)

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